Friday, December 4, 2009

A Friday Friday

Today was a nice day that actually felt like a Friday with fun activities, instead of just any old day. I woke up well-rested after a wonderful 10 hours of sleep, shared some delicious oats with baby M for breakfast, and then we danced to holiday music and played with Pig and Bear (two of her favorite stuffed toys). I also spent part of the morning chatting on GMail Chat with hubby and he mentioned something about grabbing lunch together since we haven't done that in so long. Let me think about it for all of 2 seconds. Heck yeah! So during M's nap I skipped my home cardio workout showered up for lunch.

Around noon, met up with my wonderful man and enjoyed a grilled BBQ chicken wrap and hubby and I shared some salad and fries for our sides, while the baby girl devoured some mac'n'cheese. It never ceases to amaze me how much that girl can eat. She must get it from her momma ;) One day I will need to get a picture of her full belly.  Anyhoo - after lunch, I hit up Toys R Us for some Christmas shopping. I knocked out all nieces, nephews, and M's gifts for $120. Score!! They had lots of things 50-66% off that were good gifts.

The rest of the afternoon was grocery shopping and reading my book. I'll do a review of it in the next day or two once I finish. Although, who knows if I will finish this weekend. Tomorrow will be busy with the gym and our town's Christmas parade and Sundays are always busy with church, tutoring, etc. Have great weekends all!!!

PS - I promise one of these days to get better about getting more pictures. I love seeing pictures in other blogs and want to spice my entries up some.

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  1. Kinsey eats SO much too, her after-dinner belly is hilarious! The girls would be so cute eating together, LOL.