Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One of these days...

...I will get better about staying on top of posting here. I too easily get distracted on the computer with other sites and sometimes wonder what the point of keeping up things here is if most of my readers already know what's going on with me - or at least who I think is actually reading this thing ;)

Anywho - let me get you up to speed on my weekend and the past couple of days.

Saturday - Went to the gym in the morning for a full body workout and some cardio. Went to our town's Christmas parade in the afternoon. It was so cute and fun. Ate candy that they tossed out to everyone. Hehe. Got Subway for dinner and watched a movie that night. 

Sunday - Church in the morning. Continued our Sunday school lesson on how to manage stress God's way. Yesterday's two points were taking time to rest (after all He rested after creating everything even though He didn't need to) and the other point was having a positive attitude in your work and focusing on doing things in His glory. After church, I did some errands (library, store, bank) and tutored the neighborhood kid. Then, we went to dinner for Mexican that night since all we had for dinner was a roast that I forgot to put in the crock pot that morning and we had nothing else to make. Plus, we had both been having cravings for this restaurant Cheeky. Came home, put M to bed, and chilled with some Desperate Housewives. Man! Cliffhanger, much? LOL

Yesterday - Gym for a spin class and some abs. Laundry, dishes, cleaning kitchen. Play time with Makenzie. Bible reading. Usual day. Enjoyed some healthy baked "chicken parm" and peas for dinner. Makenzie's antic of the day = "helping" me with laundry. 

Today - Gym for a full body workout and 30 min treadmill run. Cleaned bathrooms. Played with Makenzie. Her antic today was trying to climb into her doll's stroller (see pic below). Bible reading. Fun reading. Still on track with eating balanced but enjoying treats. I had some ice-cream tonight to top off a delish dinner of some slow cooked roast and roasted brussel sprouts. Right now my focus is on being consistent with workouts and eating more to give myself a break. I do plan to tighten things up after the holiday season, like everyone else, eh? Now that doesn't mean I'm going crazy and overindulging but I am indulging a reasonable portion most days. Yum :)

BOOK REVIEW - 18 Seconds by George D. Shuman: It is about a blind woman who can see the last 18 seconds of a dead person's life by touching their hand. She is called in on a wave of crimes happening to young girls in a beach town. I really enjoyed it. It was the perfect amount of suspense and had other interesting stories to accompany the main plot. The only thing I don't like is knowing who the killer is. I love love love suspense novels where you are guessing whodunit. Does anyone have any good recommendations for me??? I am now re-reading Eclipse aka #3 in the Twilight series so no review for that one. I can sum it up easily enough without a real review. READ THEM!!!! LOL

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  1. oh my gosh your daughter is soooooo precious!! i would love to have been your babysitter!! soo sweet! love that sermon too girl-amen about managing stress Gods way, thats good to think about during exam week especially. and DESPERATE housewives! who do you think died? so many questions!

  2. if you like suspense, try "bestseller" by christopher knight! it's one of my faves.

  3. She is a doll! Love her pics :)

    I liked that idea about God resting although he didnt need to. Good thought for the day.

  4. Here are a few of my favorite books-
    Pillars of The Earth
    Sarah's Key
    The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo
    Anything by Jodi Picoult

  5. Love the Makenzie pics! Aiden loves 'helping' with the laundry as well. He will load it in and then try to push the button to let the machine start ;-)
    Did you finish the Harry Potter series? I just finished it and have now started the Narnia Chronicles. I need some light reading.
    I'm very curious about the Twilight series, ordered it last week through Amazon. It's cheaper getting it shipped from the US then trying to find a English version here, crazy huh.
    Sorry for the long post ;-)
    Have a great day!
    Vicky (aka mommieQ)

  6. i love all the little m pics. she's so, so adorable!

  7. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane is a great book. Just the right amount of suspense without making you too scared.