Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thanks Be to God

The rest of the day went as planned. I got some cleaning done, play time, the gym, and relaxed with dinner and So You Think You Can Dance after some devotional reading with Peter. Makenzie and I even got out for a quick, light 20 min stroll before lunch. It is absolutely beautiful out right now and I adore fall so I couldn't pass up a light walk, even if my body is a little on the tired side. While strolling this afternoon, my mind wandered to prayerful time and I spent it all just thanking God immensely. It was nice to see that drop this morning and while I want to say "thank you" to everyone for the compliments and virtual high-fives I realize that I most need to say thanks to the Big Man. Without Him I am nothing, but with my faith in Him I can do or be ANYTHING. In reality - He is the only reason I am making the progress I need to make. Consider the things that go into prep -

  • TIME - he blesses me with the opportunity to stay at home and not have the added time/stress of work so I can continue to focus on the important things and fit in the workouts for prep
  • SUPPORT - he blesses me with a caring husband who is there for me doing whatever it takes to help me get what needs to be done done, with friends who understand my endeavor and don't try to hinder my goals, with family who will be there rooting for me on show day
  • HEALTH - if He wanted to He could incapacitate me physically, but instead God chooses to give me the physical strength to do all of my workouts
  • FINANCES - we are able to afford the healthy meals for our family, the suits, the gym memberships, the tanner/makeup/waxing/etc that goes into a good this economy Peter finding his new job with better pay is truly a miracle and blessing done by Him
  • DETERMINATION - it is said over and over in the Bible that God is your strength and will lift you will power can't carry me through, only knowing that when I am weak there is someone backing me up gives me the motivation and strength to keep on keeping on
So, while yes I am the one doing the workouts, eating the right things, putting in the sweat and growling tummies, it is still not my complete doing. So give credit where credit is due. Thank you Lord for ALL you do in my life!

Today's Stuff

Training: Chest & Back - all 4x8-10

lat pulldown
incline bb bench
one arm db row
db bench

underhand bb row
flat db flyes
cable row
hammerstrength bench

Cardio: 50 min SS elliptical 

Extra Prep Stuff: None

Macros - 253 C / 41 F / 151 P
meal 1 = pumpkin protein pancakes (1sc All the Whey cinnamon PP, 50g eggbeaters, .5c pumpkin) w/ .25c SF syrup & pumpkin pie spice
meal 2 = 1c Kashi GoLean/1c Frosted MiniWheats/10oz unsweet vanilla almond milk, omelet (100g southwestern eggbeaters/1 TJs apple chicken sausage)
meal 3 = wrap (Joseph's Lavash wrap, 3oz chicken, .5T light mayo, .5T dijon, 20g lettuce, 20g red onion), 115g apple, 100g cucumbers
meal 4 = 8oz unsweet chocolate almond milk/1sc All the Whey chocolate PP, luna bar
meal 5 = 4oz chicken/50g red bell pepper/100g sugar snap peas/.5c brown rice stirfry
meal 6 = skinny cow icecream sandwich
GOOOOD MORNING! Sorry I didnt get a chance to update last night.Instead I killed my workout. I am SO loving training in the afternoons! I came home just in time for dinner and to hang out with my sister and watch The Biggest Loser. Which, wow....what an ANNOYING episode that was. We have officially found the new Joelle of the season in Tracy. What a *$@#&!!!! She has totally screwed her chances of staying after backstabbing sooooo many people. I understand its a game and you want to play it to your advantage, but wow. That was a bit extreme though. I give serious credit to the trainers, the pink team, and a few others for telling her how awful what all she did was and even more credit to the red team for sacrificing themselves so that Shay could stay longer and then doing SUCH a GREAT job after going home. Anyways....

This morning was a crazy surprise. I've hit a new low weight for prep - 116.6! Wow! From 12 to 8 weeks out I basically maintained around 120 due to the hospital stay, Mandy's visit, being sick, etc. Well, the last 2 weeks it wasnt going down much again (like 1.5 lbs total, which I was still ok with) because I was feeling bloated and backed up. Well - enter higher high day Saturday and WHOOSH....poopy issues GONE (sorry if TMI but deal with it haha), peeing like a racehorse after carbs were dropped back down the past 2-3 days, etc etc. So before my higher carb day again this morning I decided to check things and I had totally bypassed 117 completely. I'll take it! So, yes, body, you can say a big fat "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"

Today's plans are to go the grocery store (AGAIN!) for a couple of things this morning when M is done with bfast (which btw she is MUCH MUCH better! yay!), do a few things around the house during her nap, hope my suit arrives, enjoy a high day of eats (woot!), maybe take a walk in this gorgeous weather, train back & chest and do cardio this afternoon, watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight, and chill with a book in between. Perfection. I hope everyone else has fabulous days too!

Yesterday's Stuff -

Training: Legs & Shoulders with Plyo Fun
BB Squat - 12, 10, 3x8
Bosu PopSquats - 4x10/side
BB Overhead Press - 2x12, 2x8

BB Stationary Lunge - 4x10/side
Jumping Lunges - 4x10/side
Side Cable Raise - 10, 3x5dropset5

Hammerstrength VSquat - 12, 3x10
Lying Leg Curl - 4x8
Front DB Raise - 4x10

DB Bulgarian Split Squat - 4x10
Burpees - 4x10

Plie BB Squat - 12, 3x10
Rear Delt DB Raise - 4x10

Cardio: 60 min Spin Class

Extra Prep Stuff: Posing Practice & Tanning

Macros = 123 C / 30 F / 141 P
meal 1 = 1sc Dymatize Toffee PP, coffee, 4oz unsweet vanilla almond milk
meal 2 = oats/20g dried fruit/.5sc All the Whey cake batter PP, 100g "french toast" eggbeaters w/ 2T sf syrup, 100g strawberries
meal 3 = ground turkey/35g salsa/15g ff cheese, 100g cucumbers, 4oz greek yogurt/1T pb
meal 4 = 1sc All the Whey strawberry PP/8oz unsweet vanilla almond milk, 120g apple w/ 20g strawberry spread
meal 5 = 4oz grilled shrimp, 100g cauliflower/carrot mix with herbs

Monday, September 28, 2009

Poor Baby!

Today has been a ROUGH day! And no, it's surprisingly not even related to comp prep. My poor little Makenzie has a serious serious BAD BAD BAD diaper rash. She has been battling one off and on since she was on antibiotics those 2 weeks. The pediatrician keeps giving us these various creams of different strengths and the rash will appear to go away and then come back a day or two later. And even worse off than before. We are doing everything we can to help it - letting her roam naked almost all of her awake time, applying the antifungal/yeast creams, feeding her tons of yogurt, not using wipes, etc etc etc. And she continues to be in super pain :( Even to the point where she is waking up in the middle of the night numerous times (which she never ever does - and mommy is hating) and when I go to the changing table she screams and shakes her little head NO. The pediatrician says if it doesn't improve (they just gave us another stronger cream) she will need to go on probiotics because it is possible her system was disturbed too much with the 2+ weeks she had to be on the antibiotics. One of the toughest parts of being a momma is without a doubt watching your child suffer and not being able to take it away.

In other news - today has gone very well with prep and with my new plan. I just had cardio this afternoon and it was nice to be able to eat less in the morning when I am naturally not AS hungry and save my food for the afternoon around my workout and when I am more hungry. Spin was supposed to be on the plan for cardio but when I got to the gym for the class it was already booked. I was even there almost 20 minutes early. Yikes! So, I made the best of it and did tomorrow's cardio plan instead and will try to sub in a spin class tomorrow...which tonight's killer instructor teaches tomorrow too so that should work out fine. The remainder of the day I went grocery shopping (extremely fast to keep M in her diaper the shortest time possible), laundry/dishes/kitchen cleaning (never ending jobs they are), read a little bit, and played with Makenzie. It's amazing how much burn you can get through a workout and daily activity. As of 8 PM, I had already burned close to 2500 calories! Not too shabby :) Its so fun seeing all the numbers and charts and all with the Go Wear Fit. Thanks sooooooooo much again, Mandy!!!!! BTW - she has an awesome blog that you should check out HERE ;)

Training: Off
Cardio: 50 min Total
20 min incline run - 6.5mph @ 4.0 incline
15 min incline walk - 3.8mph @ 10.0 incline
15 min crosstrainer - incline 10, resistance 8
Extra Prep Stuff: Abs - 4 sets of each
60 second plank holds
20/side bicycles
25 froggy crunches

Macros: 110 C / 30 F / 153 P
meal 1 = 1sc Dymatize Toffee PP, coffee, 4oz unsweet vanilla almond milk
meal 2 = oats/.5sc All the Whey PP/20g dried fruit, 100g eggbeaters w/ 2T sf maple syrup, 100g strawberries
meal 3 = 3.25oz ground turkey/2T salsa/15g ff cheese, 100g cucumber, 4oz greek yogurt/1T pb
meal 4 = 1sc All the Whey PP/8oz unsweet choc almond milk, 120g apple/20g strawberry spread
meal 5 = 4oz chicken/50g red pepper that I roasted/50g cucumber/3oz steamed broccoli slaw/2T light sesame ginger dressing all tossed together and served in romaine lettuce leaves for Asian lettuce wraps - oh so so so so good!!!!!!!

Notes/Reflection: Super happy that I didn't let spin being thrown out of my workout mess me up and send me home doing nothing. I still got in a great workout and will be able to adjust the week as needed. I really enjoyed having my meals set up with more in the afternoon. Also, if you notice, my carbs are lower than before. I've decided I want to make my high days a lot higher than my low days. So, I dropped the low days back on carbs and upped protein a bit to have a bit more of a serious cycle this last bit of prep. It worked just  fine! 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quick Recap

Hey everyone! I have been SUPER DUPER busy this weekend (hence the lack of posting). Ive been busy chasing around Makenzie (who is walking now) and then I helped throw a couples baby shower for all of our church group and friends last night. So Saturday was spin, train back & bis, then getting organized for the shower which basically took all afternoon/night. It was lots of fun hanging out with everyone...minus watching them all eat cake and lasagna while I had my chicken and salad and a grumbly tummy. But it is what it is and I choose this path. Then, today was teaching Sunday school, church service, train chest & tris, tutoring, and chasing after M some more. Ive gotten all my workouts in, meals have been good, hitting macros, all that jazz.

In other exciting news - Mandy let me borrow her Go Wear Fit so all I had to do was pay for the software to upload it. Yay! Today is the first full day I've been wearing it since it came in the mail yesterday afternoon. I'm excited to see what all my body is doing. Oh! And exciting news #2....I should be getting my suit sometime this week!!!!! It gets shipped tomorrow!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spin with...SEINFELD???

So, I went to cycle tonight for my cardio and there was a sub in for one of my usual favorite spin gals. Oh boy! This sub was the WEIRDEST one yet...well almost, as one time the sub was literally a woman whose alter ego is a small Southern town Baptist preacher and was yelling at us that we could "do it-EH" the whole time. Anyways. This sub totally reminded me of Jerry Seinfeld - a dorkier, less-amusing version. He had the same nose, same dark hair with receding hairline, and just overall goofy appearance. He was wearing white knee-high socks with high-tops. Shorts that came mid-thigh in that old-school swishy material all track outfits were made of in the 90s. He had his handle bars all the way down, not adjusted properly at all. AND kept calling the seat a "chair". I thought I was in trouble and in for a TERRIBLE class. But it ended up not being too bad. I'm almost wondering if he is some dorky friend of the typical instructor who got suckered into covering her class last minute. The music and drills were similar to what she uses just a lot more basic. It was one song = climb, next song = quick steady pace, lather, rinse, repeat with an occasional sprint and breakaway. Luckily, it still made for a decent endurance ride and got the job done for sufficient carido for the day - and a good laugh in the process. Don't worry, I was nice and kept the giggles in my head. 

Time to log off and hang with Peter....and watch the season premiere of Greys Anatomy tonight! 

Training = Off
Cardio = 60 min spin class
Extra Prep Stuff = none, meant to do abs but forgot - oops!
Macros = 129 C / 30 F / 139 P
meal 1 = oats, dried fruit, cake batter pp
meal 2 = eggbeaters french toast (just the eggs cooked thin - no bread), sf syrup, TJs chicken sausage,  apple
meal 3 = ground turkey/taco season/salsa/ff cheese, strawberries, cucumbers
meal 4 = choc pp, choc unsweet almond milk, luna bar
meal 5 = turkey burger w/ pickles, mustard, onion, lettuce on Lavash bread (1/2 pc), green beans

Gotta New Plan, Stan!

After battling SERIOUS hunger alllll day yesterday (like the "painful feel sick" hunger, not the "crap I wish I could eat" hunger), I ended up feeling very weak and woozy/lightheaded around 9 or so last night. From previous experiences, that scared me, and I knew I had to get something in me. So, I turned to my trusty "help my blood sugar is dropping" snack, cereal. Don't worry - it was measured out, counted, and not an emotional spur of the moment decision such as last week was. But health first and I had to eat! After I started feeling better I thought about how last week the same thing happened. And every Wednesday. I think it is because I try to have so many lower cal days in a row and after a few days it starts affecting me physically in a bad bad way, especially considering my past hypoglycemic issues and what all happened my last attempt at prep.

In my 
meal plan I set Sat & Sun to be a bit higher days out of convenience and to fit in more enjoyable things on the weekends. I decided I am going to have to change that to having my high days on Wed & Sat and doing a low day on Sunday instead - which will be a bit of an inconvenience on Sunday with church and figuring out lower meals that work with my long breaks between meals on Sundays due to my schedule. But I can make that work and it will be better for me to have the week broken up a bit more. So thats the new diet plan. I will also probably do Wed as high as Sat or close to it to be on the safe side - after all, cals on those days are still at a deficit, just not as big so no harm done. We'll see what happens with my progress with the changes and increases, but better safe than sorry in my book.

Anyhoo - I also will be switching up my training schedule because I don't want to be taking Makenzie to the gym daycare as often anymore now that flu 
season is here and she seems to be getting sick more easily since the hospital. My split will be odd but it will still fit in my workouts and allow me to go more in the afternoons and still do cycle on days I enjoy it, etc. So that means today will be just cycle this afternoon and no weights and then I will train legs & shoulders tomorrow. I ended up doing a lot of cleaning, reading, playing with M this morning instead. Oh - and another good thing about doing my training later is I can put more of the bulk of my meals in the afternoon around training and that's when I am hungriest. It's easier for me to eat lighter in the AM but before I was trying to eat more bec of pre/post workout nutrition. So another bonus that will hopefully leave me feeling less hunger and better in general!  Enough rambling now....BBL!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today was another fabulous day. The weather was nice, workouts were grooving, meals were spot on, and life was filled with love. I don't have much more to add to that for my life! 

As for The Biggest Loser last night, I enjoyed watching the teams have to work together towards a goal and I am proud that they achieved it. Helping each other reach our goals is so important and when you help others, you feel better, and have the mutual support to help yourself in the process. Hopefully we can all learn to support each others dreams in our everyday lives instead of tearing each other down and trying to get ahead - which I know will be the name of TBL game soon enough. Something else that stuck out to me was that I had NO clue on the soda question of their mini-challenge. Why? Because I don't ever drink regular soda. That ignorance is bliss to me ;) 

Training = Chest & Back

BB row
12x65# / 10x75# / 8x85# / 6x95# / dropset 6x95#, 9x75#
BB bench
12x75# / 10x85# / 8x95# / 6x100# / dropset 6x100#, 9x85#

Hammerstrength High Row (weight/side)
12x45# / 8x55# / 2sets 6x55# / dropset 5x55#, 5x45#, 5x35#
Hammerstrength Decline (weight/side)
12x30# / 8x35# / 2sets 6x40# / dropset 5x40#, 5x30#, 5x20#

Cable Row
10x90# / 8x95# / 7x100# / dropset 6x100#, 5x85#, 5x70#
Incline DB Flyes (weight/side)
10x20# / 8x25# / 7x25# / dropset 5x25#, 10x15#

DB One Arm Row
10x30# / 10x35# / 8x35#
DB Bench (weight/side)
10x30# / 2sets 7x35#

Cardio = 35 min total
20 min treadmill incline walk - 3.7mph @ 10.0 incline
15 min elliptical intervals - level 10 - 30sec 50rpm / 60sec 90rpm

Macros = 133 C / 32 F / 140 P
meal 1 = oats, 16g dried mixed fruit, 1sc cupcake batter All the Whey
meal 2 = TJs maple apple chicken sausage, 120g apple, 100g southwestern eggbeaters w/ 40g mushrooms, coffee w/ 2oz unsweet vanilla almond milk
meal 3 = 3.25 oz ground turkey/taco season/15g ff cheese/35g salsa, 100g strawberries, 100g cucumber
meal 4 = 1sc strawberry All the Whey/8oz unsweet vanilla almond milk, 16g peanut butter
meal 5 = 4oz cod with low sugar tomato sauce & basil topping, 100g peas
meal 6 = dessert! Iced Oatmeal Cookie Luna Bar

Wordless Wednesday

My two nephews (Enzo & new baby Cooper)

The Two Loves of My Life

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Could it Be?!

We had SUN today! Oh, thank goodness. Our pool was overflowing last night and decided to visit our basement. What joy that is to clean up. 

And today is a good day because it is Tuesday again! Biggest Loser day! I tell you - I look forward to this show every week. And my greek yogurt & peanut butter "icecream" to go along with it (yummers). Tuesday nights are a perfect night for this show because now that I've realized Wednesdays are my "tough-diet-day-of-the-week", I can use TBL to motivate me to get through it. As well as reporting and sharing thoughts about progress and the show on Heather's blog on Wednesdays. I will be watching as soon as I log off here. Thank goodness for DVR so I can fast forward through commercials. 

Today I was super motivated again. I've been adding some quotes/Bible verses to a poster I have on my fridge that I read off of every day as many times as I can. It also has my God letter on it that I read as well. These cheesy inspiring tidbits added to my day are really making a difference. And motivation is important in the comp-prep game. So what all did I do today? I woke up, hit the gym for cardio/tan/stretch/abs, played with the baby girl, ate on plan, cleaned cleaned cleaned, spent a tiny bit of time with Harry Potter, and that's about it. Told you it was nothing exciting - but it was still GOOD. Even GREAT! Looking forward to another game on day tomorrow, pushed along by the knowledge that 100+ lb overweight people can do it and so can I. ;)

Training = Off
Cardio = 45 min
15 min treadmill incline jog 6.0mph @ 3.0 incline
20 min stepmill fat burner mode @ level 10
10 min elliptical level 5 @ 70-80rpm
Extra Prep = Abs, Tan, Posing Practice
3x20 captain chair leg raises
3x15,side bicycles
3x15 decline bench crunches w/ 10# medball

Macros = 128 C / 33 F / 144 P
meal 1 = coffee, 4oz unsweet choc almond milk, 1sc Dymatize toffee pp, 120g apple
meal 2 = omelet (100g southwest eggbeaters, 1 TJs jalapeno chicken sausage, 30g mushrooms), 100g strawberries, coffee
meal 3 = 3oz ground turkey/taco season/35g salsa/15g ff cheese, 100g cucumbers
meal 4 = pumpkin protein pancakes from Julie's delicious blog (1sc All the Whey cinnamon pp, 1ew, .5c pumpkin) - I just HAD to make these!!!! and I am soooo glad I did!
meal 5 = 3 oz chicken, 85g sugar snap peas, 80g broccoli slaw stirfry
meal 6 = 4oz greek yogurt mixed w/ 16g pb and frozen into "icecream" YUM!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

It has been raining like crazy here in the Atlanta area for the past week, and today has gotten even worse. There have been multiple cases of flooding, roads and schools being closed, and, sadly, even drownings because of the rain. It would be nice if it passed soon, but it doesn't appear to be so - or at least not for another couple of days. Fortunately the worst the rain has impacted me is it being a total pain to go out in twice for the gym and to the grocery store with Makenzie. I will really be praying for those it is hitting harder though. 

In other news for today, I have been asked to tutor a neighbor's son in Spanish 2x/week starting this Sunday. She asked how much I charged and I don't know! The only students I ever tutored before would have been my own that I couldn't ask money from. I am hoping this will be an easy way to help earn some extra cash for our family. Any ideas on what to ask for payment? It would be nice to get a couple hundred extra a month for our family :) Although it does stink that it will be on my only spare afternoons each week, at least until prep is over. Do what you gotta do though! 

Training = Legs & Shoulders (lighter for my back)
Cardio = 60 min Spin Class
Extra Prep = none
Macros = 125 C / 34 F / 135 P
meal 1 = oats, dried tropical fruit, All the Whey cake batter pp
meal 2 = omelet (eggbeaters & mushrooms), TJs apple chicken sasuage, apple, coffee w/ almond milk
meal 3 = ground turkey/salsa/ff cheese/taco season, cucumbers, strawberries
meal 4 = All the Whey strawberry pp, almond milk, larabar
meal 5 = chicken, broccoli, ketchup

Circuit 1
BB Squat

12x90# / 4sets 10x100#
Stationary BB Lunge

12x40# / 3sets 12x60#
Overhead Shoulder Press

4sets 10x25#,side

Circuit 2

4sets 10x110#
Bulgarian Split Squat

4sets 10x25#,side
Side Cable Raise

3sets 8x20#,side

Circuit 3
Plie Squat

4sets 15x75#
Lying Hamstring Curl

4sets 8x55#  
Front Plate Raise

3sets 8x25# plate
Rear Delt DB Raise

3sets 12x12.5#,side

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodlife Sunday

As previously mentioned, each Sunday I will devote a post to what was discussed in the Sunday class I lead called The Goodlife. Continuing with the series based on Max Lucado's book Just Like Jesus and how our hearts should be aligned to be in Jesus' example, we looked at the importance of worship and being "God-intoxicated" in our lives. What perfect timing for this lesson after all my realizations this week, huh? ;) 

We started looking at worship? What does it mean to you to worship? Is there one certain way to worship? We all agreed that there is no prescription for the "right" way to worship, as long as it is done with a pure heart and joy and is honoring God. Things got tricky though when we delved into what do you hope to get from going to church, reading the Bible, studying religion, praying, communing with fellow believers....worship? Many of us will go to a church service, listen to an inspirational song, read a few Bible verses, talk about our faith with the expectation of feeling "nice". Thinking we have done our part, checked it off the list, etc. Max Lucado made a strong point that we should be worship hungry. We should be LONGING for our time to worship. We should approach each Sunday morning (or Friday night or Saturday afternoon or Wednesday evening...whenever you worship) with true passion. We SHOULD be coming to worship like a child awaiting Christmas morning, like a bride awaiting her walk down the aisle, like a competitor ticking off the days til show with excitement (yes, guilty as charged here). We SHOULD be excited about worship and seek more than just "nice". And NO - that doesn't mean we should be going in with expectations to get new revelations, guidance, etc. Worship is to GIVE TO God....not GET from a pastor, verse, etc. Yes, it can help us grow and open our eyes but that is not the purpose. After all, our number one purpose on this Earth is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength (Matthew 22:37) sense, to WORSHIP! That is a whole new way of looking at worship - to go excited, with a heart ready to give instead of receive, and to let your passion for God just flow from within you and in the process be renewed with His love. 

How do we approach worship in such a way? How do we carry this passion into our everyday lives? By becoming "God-intoxicated". By believing that God is with us all the time and that we are in constant communion with Him. Our relationship with Him is compared to branches on a vine (John 15:5-7), us a heavenly temple He resides in (1 Corinthians 6:19), and a marriage (Revelation 21:2). We work TOGETHER. He is by our side, connected to us, and we have the power to tap into that and use it in our lives. To be strong, determined, and steadfast in His love. Know that you are connected to God. Know that you are close to Him and He is always there for you....and thank Him for that security and never-ceasing support. Worship Him for it. 

A Not So Eventful Weekend

This weekend was one of the only downtime weekends we have coming up and I fully enjoyed it. I spent the time getting back on track with my workouts through a good spin session yesterday and a pumped up weights session today. I watched some good SEC football - wishing Florida lost but happy my Dawgs won. I did a lot of reading as well. I finished the Sophie Kinsella book Twenties Girl which I really, really enjoyed after getting into it. I even cried at the end even though it is a completely silly storyline! I recommend the book though. Now I am 1/3 into the final Harry Potter. I'm excited to see what happens - don't spoil it for me! The rest of the time was spent relaxing, waxing, and enjoying a dinner out with the hubs. I enjoyed some steamed shrimp and vegetables at a favorite Chinese restaurant last night and it was nice. Although I will admit to hankering for some delicious sushi rolls that I will have to wait a bit longer for. 'Twas a nice, chill weekend. The last for awhile. Here is what is going on all the upcoming weekends up until my show:

  • Sep 26 = friend's baby shower I am helping throw
  • Oct 3 = going to watch a SNBF show to see what my show will be like
  • Oct 8-11 = go to Florida with friends
  • Oct 17 = ONE weekend with NO plans! although Peter already has an idea he wants to do
  • Oct 24 = Makenzie's 1st Birthday party
  • Oct 31 = UGA vs Florida game (biggest game of the season) & M's "1st" Halloween
  • Nov 7 = SHOW DAY!!!!
Looking at that it is hitting me that my show will be here in the blink of an eye. Wow! Gotta stay focused!!! And now I'll wrap-up this post with the weekend's fitness wrap ;)

Training = OFF
Cardio = 60 min Spin Class
Extra Prep = OFF (unless you count the wax)
Macros = 210 C / 40 F / 125 P
1 - coffee/Dymatize whey shake
2 - Kashi & Cinnamon Special K mix w/ unsweet vanilla almond milk
3 - Joseph's Lavash wrap/turkey/lettuce/tomato/onion/pickles/mustard, cucumber, strawberries
4 - Muscle Milk Light Chocolate RTD, Clif Z Kids bar (while out running errands and before my appt)
5 - steamed shrimp and vegetables (NO sauce BOO!)
6 - skinny cow icecream while watching the UGA game

Training = Upper
Cardio = OFF
Extra Prep = OFF
Macros = 145 C / 38 F / 125 P
1 - Joseph's Lavash French Toast (1/2 wrap cooked in .5c eggbeaters), omelet (.5c eggbeaters & mushrooms), apple
2 - Joseph's Lavash wrap/turkey/lettuce/tomato/onion/pickles/mustard, cucumber, strawberries
3 - chocolate All the Whey, unsweet choc almond milk
4 - homemade roasted veggies, turkey tossed in tom sauce, ww pasta
5 - greek yogurt, pb, chocolate All the Whey frozen as "icecream"

Circuit 1 - 4sets
Wide Lat Pulldown

12x85# / 3sets 8x100#
Incline BB Bench

12x65# / 3sets 8x80#
Narrow Lat Pulldown

12x75# / 3sets 8x85#
Incline DB Bench

12x30#,side / 3sets 8x35#,side

Circuit 2 - 4sets
Underhand BB Row

2sets 10x75#, 2sets 8x80#
Flat Flyes

4sets 10x20#,side
Wide Cable Row

10x60#, 3sets 8x70#

10x60#, 3sets 8x70#

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Smooth Sailing

Happy weekend! And happy carb-up day to me! Even if I probably "shouldn't" be taking it after doing an extra one earlier this week with my mini-meltdown. Oh well - I just know to get right back into the swing of things and my plan so I won't try to make up for my negligence a couple days ago. Things are going so much better again. I feel so refreshed and have noticed a BIG change in my attitude and how I am handling prep after refocusing my thoughts on the bigger parts of life ;) I am going to write out my God letter and post it on the fridge with some motivational  Bible verses as well to keep this shift in thinking front and center. 

In other news, after a complete day of rest yesterday along with LOTS of foam rolling, deep massage, and stretching I am a new woman today and feel so so so much better. I was even able to hit up spin this morning and get a good sweat on. It felt oh so good. Then, this afternoon, I continued to smooth things out -and quite literally. I did my Brazilian trial run! I was SO nervous and afraid it was going to be gruesome pain. wasn't! At all. It hurt, yeah. But just like waxing eyebrows it was a brief sharp sting that went away immediately. I may consider these being more regular even because it wasn't half bad. So, things are going smoothly here. Pun - intended! Time to keep on grooving.....

Friday, September 18, 2009


Good morning all! I firstly want to thank you wonderful women for all the support :) It truly means a lot. And while I know the cereal won't kill my progress (as was visible this morning when I could still see all my abs ;) hehe), the thing that concerned me the most is that I was blindly eating and more than I knew was necessary (we are talking a BIG bowl here, with 2nds of that monster to follow). The way I was eating reminded me of how I felt and ate when I used to binge. The amount may have been MUCH less, but still the attitude and approach and thought processes that went into it are what scared the (you know what) out of me. I have not done something so self-sabotaging in so long. Even in times this past year I have eaten a bit more than I should have or eaten something extra/"off-plan" it was never in such a secretive, guilty, spiteful, negative manner. I do NOT want to go back there. I REFUSE to go back there. 

So, what now? I realized a few things yesterday after sharing what happened with Peter and talking out my thoughts, hurts, etc. with him. The past couple of months I have been very driven by this competition. No one can deny that planning the food, organizing the details, getting the workouts in, taking time to practice posing/research online/etc etc etc takes a lot out of a person. Despite all that, I have not let this all get in the way of my responsibilities as a wife and mother. Peter says that he doesn't see a difference in attitude or how I treat him, he doesn't see an excessive change in my time with him and M, and overall doesn't notice a change in those general aspects of my life. But deep down, I knew something wasn't right. I knew something wasn't aligned right with my life. And when taking a closer look - it hit me smack hard across the face that what I claim is the most valuable part of my life is what was slipping into the very spare moments I could grab in a day instead of the focus of my day. My relationship with God - my faith

Now to some that may seem cheesy or superficial. But I can't ignore the fact that every tough time in my life I was only able to come through it by putting it in God's hands and turning my focus back to Him. From small things such as stresses of school or work, to big things like a changing relationship with my father, He has been the only true help I could count on and that would suddenly help everything seem right and manageable. I have to get that part of my life in order so that I can get through the remainder of prep. Otherwise I very well could end up back in a very dark place, which would in the process be spitting in God's face after He has already helped me out of said "dark place". So here goes - 

50 days left in this prep. 50. That's it. Right here, right now, I recommit these next 50 days to spending more time growing my faith and getting back to my solid habits that sustain me there. I put my focus on YOU the next 50 days, knowing that by doing so I will make it to that stage fulfilled, happy, with more to my life than pride. These next 50 days will be a whole lot less about me me me and what I can do and whole lot more about YOU and knowing it is only through YOUR will, support, and guidance that I can do anything. I am going to try refocusing how I look at each day. I will begin each day a few minutes earlier so I can have some time to be with You in prayer and get my thoughts aligned with You for the day. I will pray before workouts, before meals, at night after devotional reading with Peter, all day - every chance I get. After all - we are commanded to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17). I will turn my radio to 104.7 (sidenote to readers: the popular Christian station - and no it isn't all gospely crazy music like you may think - I actually enjoy this music a LOT and its my 1st preprogrammed station anyways - even if I have found myself slipping off it more recently). I will focus more on the lessons I prepare for each Sunday's lesson, instead of just going through the motions to get it done. I give these next 50 days to You, God. Help me use them as a way to honor You. And knowing your great love for me, that You will bless me and honor me in return by putting me on that stage on November 7th strong, confident, happy, and beaming with the love you have for me. 
Love, your daughter, 

This may seem tedious to some, but I can guarantee you that if you gave realigning your focus a shot, once you got into the habit it would be seamless and so incredibly worth it. That is the truth for me and that is what I must do now. 50 Days. It's a gift. I must use it wisely. Which even includes resting my back today ;) 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Super Bad

No, not the movie. No, not bad as in cool. Yes, bad as in BAD! I am in excruciating pain right now :( I have done something (really no clue what) to my lower back and it is KILLING me. Top that all off with today being another one of those days of me not being in the best of moods and it isn't pretty. 

My back started hurting last night on the way to the hospital. It was raining, in the afternoon, in Atlanta...all 3 of which equal serious traffic and it taking way, way, way too long to get to the hospital. We brought our nephew with us so he could see his new baby brother (who is so cute btw!!) and his carseat was behind where I was sitting. In my little Corolla, that left me sitting at a very odd angle and pushed up to the dashboard. I was very uncomfortable and couldn't adjust for the over hour drive. We finally made it and then visited with our family for a bit before heading home. Heading home took just as long because for some reason traffic was going until 9 last night?!!? I was sick to my stomach from a lack of food at this point and just overall felt awful. So headed to bed after gobbling up my salad and watching our DVR'd So You Think You Can Dance.

This morning I woke on the wrong side of the bed again (obviously) but once again forced myself to the gym for legs & shoulders. It was a beyond irritating morning there. I had someone come and take over the machine I was using with my supersets not once, but TWICE...even with my TOWEL AND WEIGHTS  racked up ON the equipment!! What in the world people!? And then, me trying to be patient decided to scratch the superset and try to come back to the move later. Well, one time it was the leg press that was taken from me and I had to wait forever to get to it because the dude who stole it (that is seriously what he did - tossed my towel on the floor and everything) he SAT on the machine TALKING for 30 minutes! And then the squat rack when it was stolen left me to use the Smith Machine for my front squats which wasn't so bad, except for the trainer standing in my way so her client could do lunges right on top of where I was working out. Right after telling another man that she was stealing the equipment he was using even though he said politely he still had 2 sets left. Oh, wow! And it didn't help that with each rep my back was hurting more and more. 

After the gym, we headed quickly (or what was supposed to be quickly) to a consignment sale to get a few extra sized 18months things for Makenzie this winter/early spring just to be sure she has some warmer clothes in a bigger size. The lines there took forever and Makenzie decided to be needy and have me hold her, so by the time we finished there I was about in tears in pain. I came home and put her down for a nap, actually took one myself hoping to feel better, and woke up even worse - go figure. Sadly, at this point, I found myself in the kitchen eating a very very big bowl of cereal :( There, I said it. I was honest. I know I could do worse - much, much worse - but I still know that I HAVE to do better. And I will. No more of this! Time to pick myself up by the bootstraps and move forward. Even if it's hard knowing you feel like a bloated mess from all the diet coke you drank yesterday trying to overcome your crazy cravings, then topping it off with cereal, all the while needing to take at least off from spin tonight to rest your back. *sigh* I'm still going to make it to stage....I'm still going to make it to stage....I can do better...I will do better....don't look back...move forward....I'm still going to make it! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Michael Cooper

Time to post up my wrap-up for the day. I am having to do it earlier than usual since I will be gone until later tonight. Anyhoo - I woke up this morning to rain, a general groggy feeling, a VERY hungry tummy.....and minimal motivation. Uh-oh!! Not a good combination by any means. I found myself considering how "bad" a bowl of cereal and a rest day would be for me after I finished my morning oats and while feeding Makenzie. Then, I really took the time to THINK about how I was feeling and knew it was something that could be pushed through. So, I took a moment of prayer, asking for strength and was able to find it and get myself to the gym and away from the kitchen cupboard. I did a chest and back training session and it went very well. Topped that off with some cardio. And have now been going through the rest of the day as normal. 

The day wasn't 100% normal though. My sister-in-law went into labor late last night/early this morning, and my nephew Michael Cooper was born this afternoon. So I will be heading out once Peter gets home from work to go and visit them all in the hospital. She delivered at the same place I did, so I imagine it will be sort of surreal going back there, considering it was already basically a YEAR ago that I was there giving birth to my doll Makenzie. Due to this excursion I will have to be getting dinner on the road. I am opting for a ChickFilA grilled chicken salad with no cheese and bringing my own dressing already measured out to the gram. ;) Still fits perfectly in my macros so all is good there. I am ON and plan on staying ON!!! 

Macros - 131 Carbs / 138 Protein / 34 Fat
meal 1 = oats, dried mixed fruit, All the Whey cinnamon bun protein
meal 2 = southwest eggbeater & mushroom scramble, apple, maple TJ's sausage
meal 3 = ground turkey/salsa/ff cheese/taco season, cucumbers, strawberries
meal 4 = All the Whey chocolate protein & 8oz chocolate unsweet almond milk, pb
meal 5 = CFA Grilled Chicken Salad, 2T Newmans Own Honey Mustard dressing
meal 6 (dessert!) = oatmeal iced cookie Lunabar

Superset 1 
BB Row

12x65# / 10x75# / 3sets 8x85#
BB Bench
12x75# / 10x85# / 3sets 8x95#

Superset 2
Hammerstrength High Row

10x40#,side / 3sets 10x45#,side
Hammerstrength Decline Press
12x30#,side / 8x35#,side / 2sets 6x40#,side

Superset 3 
Cable Row

10x85# / 10x90# / 8x95# / 6x100#
Incline DB Flyes

4sets 10x20#,side

Superset 4 
DB Row

3sets 12x30#,side
DB Bench

3sets 10x30#,side

Cardio - 15min uphill intervals & 15min steady state
intervals = 30sec @ 3.5 / 60sec @ 7.5 all with 5.5 incline
steady state = elliptical 60-70 rpm level 5

TBL Wednesday Morning :)

First off, the rest of yesterday went just as planned. My sister came over and we enjoyed dinner together and watching The Biggest Loser. I can already tell this season is going to bring lots of change for the individuals involved - Abby and her family loss, Shay and her tough childhood, etc. I think seeing the physical changes throughout the season is really cool, but the mental and emotional changes the contestants make is even more inspiring. They are finally taking control and starting the fight to a better life. Some people found it discouraging to watch the contestants be put up to walking a mile last night right off the bat. Some people found it ridiculous that Bob & Jillian were yelling at the contestants during the workouts (which I do agree the CUSSING was unnecessary and drove me batty). Some are frustrated that such large contestants are allowed on the show. In my opinion - good for it! All! These people NEED a change in their lives and making such a drastic change will most definitely entail being thrown out of one's comfort zone. Waaayyyyyy out of it. That tough love can go a long way towards getting these people a better life....and providing these people with a better life is love, right down to it. Tough, sure. But still love. 

I will admit, however, there are some things that I wish were different about the show and how its presented. I wish there were disclaimers for those at home watching of what more realistic approaches/weight losses/etc are so viewers truly believe they can make the change too. I wish that every contestant was allowed to stay at least a full 2-3 weeks before eliminations begin so that everyone can gain more knowledge, see what they can do, and really start changing habits before being sent home. I am glad that Alexandra appears to be continuing good progress even after leaving so early. But imagine how much stronger she would have felt with more time on the show. Okay - thats all my thoughts from last night's show. I told you it would spark lots of rambles from me ;) What did YOU think? 

PS - For the record, the pumpkin cottage cheese "icecream" was NOT good! I apparently still do absolutely DESPISE cottage cheese and could taste it way too much. I plan to re-try this concoction again though, but using vanilla greek yogurt I have left over from when the fabulous Mandy came to visit ;) 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yay for TBL Tuesday!!!

I am really, really happy it is Tuesday. I absolutely LOVE watching The Biggest Loser (aka TBL) and it starts a new season tonight. Watching the changes these people make is so inspiring and I am always thrilled to see people taking control of their lives to become healthier. Given, I don't necessarily agree with all of the ways the show goes about getting progress for these people with such extreme measures, I still am an avid watcher to see the transformations these people make. I am sure there will be quite a few times something on that show sparks a discussion here - so be prepared. ;) Another GREAT thing about TBL Tuesdays is my sister will be coming over to watch them with me every week (hopefully). She should be coming tonight and I look forward to it because she is one of my very best friends and I always enjoy spending time with her. 

In other news - today was a pretty basic day. Nothing too eventful at all. I got up and had my coffee/whey shake before hitting the gym for a cardio only workout (LOVE days where I only have to worry about ONE thing). During the day, I did some playing with Makenzie, cleaning, food prep, reading, eating (all ON plan of course), and fiddling with the blog so I could add some link pages to pictures/about me/workouts/etc (found at the top of my blog), and that's about it. I wish it wasn't so icky here because it would have been nice to get out for a stroll around the neighborhood now that fall weather is starting to creep in - which I am so so thrilled about. Fall has become my favorite season over the past few years because of the numerous fun and comforting activities during such a beautiful season. So that's all I have to report now. I hope you all have had Terrific Tuesdays as well :)

Macros - 132 Carbs / 142 Protein / 34 Fat
meal 1 = coffee, Dymatize toffee pp, 4oz unsweetened chocolate almond milk
meal 2 = omelet (southwestern eggbeaters/mushrooms/TJ's jalapeno chicken sausage), strawberries, small plum, coffee
meal 3 = ground turkey/taco season/salsa/ff cheese, cucumbers, carrots
meal 4 = All The Whey chocolate pp w/ 8oz unsweetened chocolate almond milk, apple & pb
meal 5 will be = chicken & chinese veggie stir fry
meal 6 (dessert during TBL) will be = pumpkin pie "icecream" (see below)

Im trying a new concoction that I am hoping tastes yummy!
1/2c cottage cheese, 1/4c pumpkin, 4g SF/FF cheesecake pudding mix, tiny bit vanilla extract blended and frozen for pumpkin "icecream" & topped with 1/4 sheet low fat graham cracker

Training - OFF
Cardio - 45 min total
15 min treadmill jog 5.5mph @ 5.0 incline
20 min stepmill fat burner mode level 10
10 min treadmill incline walk 3.5mph @ 7.5 incline
Extra Stuff - another long stretch, abs (getting better about doing these!)
3x20 captain chair leg raises
3x20/side bicycle (tried to go slooowww)
3x15 decline bench crunch w/ 10# med ball

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Today has been a fairly busy, but great day. I am feeling strong and motivated and every day that I have that going for me is a good one. I woke up this morning to eat my breakfast and get things going with Makenzie before heading to the gym for my weight session. I really, really, really focused on form and making the absolute most of each movement today. And boy did I feel it. There were points where I didn't know how I was going to be able to push through another set or rep, but I did. Whew! This whole upper/lower split training with legs on a separate day is finally starting to grow on me. 

After that, we came home and I got Makenzie down for her nap so I could make my post workout big breakfast (utter deliciousness meal) and then shower, get dressed, play on the computer, do a few things around the house (like clean the kitchen), etc during her nap. And oh - I tried the new exfoliator I got and LOVED it. It's St. Ives Oatmeal Shea Butter In Shower Body Polish (find it here). Once Makenzie woke from her nap we headed out for some errands - the grocery store and the library. I had to return a book I just finished called The Wednesday Sisters. I enjoyed it. It was a very peaceful read, although slow-moving at parts. My next read was going to be the first House of Night vampire novel. Yes, I love the teeny-bopper vampire stories and like getting lost in them for pure enjoyment. Don't judge! BUT I accidentally picked up the 2nd book instead of the 1st. Once again, don't judge - I AM blonde. LOL So my next book will be Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I usually like the light-heartedness of her books and hope this will be the same. 

After errands it was home to devour my measly enjoyable lunch before playing with Makenzie before her next nap. She is just growing and growing and it amazes me every day. She still is afraid to walk though. She wants to, she tries to, but then decides crawling is easier and gives it up. LOL I'm not rushing it though. Later in the afternoon, after Peter got home (and told me M's hospital visit is going to cost us almost $2500), I ate my snack and then  headed back out to my old gym for a killer spin class. This instructor is insane and I love the torture she puts us through. *insert evil laugh here* Came home and gobbled up dinner and topped off the night with some relaxation and Bible study with Peter whilst enjoying a delicious Larabar. 
may not = but still dang good!

Macros - 128 Carb / 135 Protein / 34 Fat
meal 1 = oats, dried fruit, cake batter protein powder
meal 2 = southwestern eggbeaters & mushrooms, apple & strawberry spread, trader joes maple chicken sausage
meal 3 = ground turkey/taco season/salsa/ff cheese, cucumber, strawberries
meal 4 = strawberry protein powder & unsweet vanilla almond milk, pb
meal 5 = chicken, broccoli
meal 6 (dessert) = banana bread larabar

Training - Legs & Shoulders
Cardio - spin class (with the BEST instructor...finally back to her class)
Extra Stuff - really really good stretch!!!

Circuit 1
squat (really focused on form and going low)
15x90# / 10x100# / 2sets 10x110# / 8x110#
reverse db lunge (reps/leg - weight/hand)
2 sets 12x30# / 3 sets 12x35#
overhead db shoulder press (weight/hand)
2sets 10x25# / 8x30# / 6x30#

Circuit 2
12x110# / 3sets 10x130#
bulgarian split squat (reps/leg - weight/hand)
4sets 10x25#
cable side raise (reps & weight/side)
4sets 10x20#

Circuit 3
bb plie squat 
12x80# / 3sets 10x90#
lying hamstring curl
4sets 8x60#
front raise (weigh/hand)
3sets 10x10#
rear delt db raise (weight/hand)
3sets 10x15#

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I love Saturdays and Sundays. Even though I know my diet isn't as super restrictive as most competition diets, by ANY means, I still get pretty stark raving hungry living off approximately 1300 cals/day by the end of the week. And am always always always excited for my carb-up/refeed day. I consider myself lucky that my body responds very well to carbs. If I restrict them to much, things aren't pretty and, after going moderately low all week, when I up the cals and carbs for a day each week I come out of it all renewed, refreshed, and feeling tighter and leaner to boot. Currently, on Monday-Friday I eat in the neighborhood of 1300 calories with 120-130g carbs each day. Then, on Saturday I go up to 1800 cals with 200g carbs. Ahhhhhhh......sigh of satisfaction that was. ;) And on Sunday, I drop the cals back to 1300 range but keep the carbs up a bit more again at 150g. This approach has really been working well so far to keep me satisfied, seeing progress, and having the energy to keep up some intense workouts. I also like the fact that if my progress starts to slow down (which I have every expectation it will closer and closer to show - just a fact of dieting) I have LOTS of room to tweak things and drop carbs a bit here or there, as well as tightening up food choices, etc. But until then, I will enjoy my yummies.

Saturday's Update
Macros - 206C / 46F / 134P
pre-cardio = coffee & 1sc Dymatize toffee protein powder
post-cardio = bowl of cereal (mix Kashi & Cinnamon Special K) w/ almond milk
lunch = chicken/lettuce/onion/mustard/pickles on sandwich thin, cucumber, strawberries
snack = apple, pb
dinner = sirloin, sweet potato, steamed broccoli
dessert = skinny cow icecream sandwich

Training - off
Cardio - another awesome spin class
Extra stuff - did some abs
3x15/side oblique twists
3x20 hip thrusts
3x15 stability ball cable crunch 30#
3x60sec hold bosu planks - thanks Mandy for the ab recs ;)

Sunday's Update
Macros - 146 C / 31 F / 120 P
meal 1 = kashi waffles/sf syrup, chicken sausage, eggbeater omelet
meal 2 = ground turkey/taco season/ff cheese/salsa, cucumber, strawberries
meal 3 = pumpkin cheesecake loaf inspired by Kristin's Eat Oxygen Blog :) Thanks!
meal 4 = greek yogurt & pb "icecream" (4oz yogurt mixed w/ 1T pb frozen)
meal 5 = homemade roasted veggie pizza (low carb tortilla, tom sauce, vegs, lf cheese)

Training - Chest and Back (killed it!)
Cardio - off
Extra stuff - none
Circuit 1
wide grip latpulldown
12x85# / 2sets 8x100# / 6x100#dropset6x85#
incline bb bench
15x65# / 2sets 8x80# / 7x80#dropset8x65#
narrow grip latpulldown
12x75# / 2sets 8x85# / 7x85#dropset5x70#
incline db bench (weight/hand)
15x30# / 10x35# / 8x35# / 10x35#dropset5x25#

Circuit 2
underhand bb row
12x65# / 9x75# / 8x75# / 8x75#dropset7x65#
flat db flyes (weight/hand)
12x15# / 2sets8x20# / 7x20#dropset8x15#
wide grip cable row
12x55# / 3sets 8x60#
10x55# / 3sets 8x60#

Notes and Thoughts:

  • I had fun trying new concoctions today to be able to add to my diet repertoire. Kristin's blog has lots of great ideas. And I have discovered that I do, in fact, like cottage cheese. I always used to HATE it!!!
  • I bought some exfoliator at the store today so I can start getting into that habit. I have to be sure my skin is smooth for the tanner. Which leads me to my other dilemma - use Jan Tana or Extreme Tan???  I know I need to get on ordering those supplies. 
  • I also need to start thinking about hair and makeup. For makeup should I go to a MAC counter and have them do a trial run for me. I know I was recommended a lot of MAC products the last time I prepped. For hair - I am clueless!
  • I made an appointment for a brazilian next week. EEEEKKKK!!! It will be my first and I know a trial run before having to get it done for the show will be a good move. So I'm doing it next week. 
  • I have redone my workout schedule where it leaves me without a full rest day each week - BUT I end up feeling MORE rested and refreshed. Since I enjoy splitting up my cardio and training as much as possible to get quality workouts in each time, this works well for me. It is NOT something I recommend by any means for typical living, but to get it all in these next 8 weeks and not feel overwhelmed on a daily basis I am going with it for now. I like having days where I have to worry about JUST cardio or JUST training. :)
  • I'm PUMPED for the next 8 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodlife Sunday

Since I lead a Sunday school adult bible study class and am always inspired by the discussions we have there, I decided that I would share some of that here with you all. Our class is called The Goodlife and I truly believe that by applying the things we learn in that class and growing the friendships we make through the class my life has really become a good one. So why not share the love here, too?

Well, our series discussion the past few weeks and for the upcoming month or so is based on a book by Max Lucado called Just Like Jesus. Each week, we look at a different quality Jesus displayed in his life and how and why we should strive to do the same in ours. Now, I don't want to get "preachy" here....but no matter what way you look at it Jesus is a real man in our history who lived a pretty exemplary life. You may not believe he's the resurrected Son of God, or that he performed miracles, or anything of that nature about him and that is fine - it's your beliefs and I don't judge what beliefs bring peace, hope, happiness, etc to others. Even if you don't believe all the things Jesus is in a Christian religion, the way he lived is still something to be admired. For example, who can deny that living with a compassionate heart is something we, as well as others in our lives, could all benefit from. That was today's discussion - a compassionate heart.

What is compassion? Webster's English Dictionary describes compassion as "a sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it". So compassion is not only feeling for the person, but also doing something to relieve the problem. I think there are many of us who are sympathetic to others. We see others in need, feel bad about it, and then don't physically DO anything to change it. WHY? 

We talked about this a lot today in class. Why is it so HARD to readily show compassion to others? Well, there is the cynicism of whether or not we are being taken advantage of, the fear that our caring will not be well received, the fact that (we think) there isn't a way for us to help or that we don't have the time, money, knowledge, etc to do what is necessary. You know what Jesus did? He kept on giving! That doesn't mean you have to extend yourself beyond your means or continue to support harmful behaviors/decisions in the name of compassion. Even Jesus left healing the sick to go and help his dear friend Mary and her sick brother Lazarus. And even Jesus was angry with the Pharisees and religious powers of that time and didn't extend his hand to them for the sake of knowing they were only trying to bring his demise. 

The point is to not hold back your compassion where you can give it. Everyone has something they can give to others - from the biggest acts of kindness like a stranger giving $100,000 to a homeless man, to the basic ones like cooking a meal for someone who is injured/has a new baby/lost a loved one, to the smallest ones like having an actual conversation with your cashier at the grocery store. There is no act of compassion too small. All you have to do is open your eyes and your heart and extend your hand, smile, shoulder, timetable, (fill in the blank here) to help make a difference in this world. I challenge you, as well as I am challenging myself, to find a way to show compassion to someone this week, every day if possible. How do you plan to show your compassion this week? Also, share your experience - has anyone showed compassion to you once that you remember and cherish?   

Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 Weeks Out

I'm 8 weeks out today....and feeling pretty good about where I am at. Yes, there is still progress to be made, things to gradually tighten up in the diet, etc. but overall I am happy with this prep so far. I will admit that I haven't made a TON of change over the past few weeks due to a few things that were out of my control. For those of you who don't know - one week I was very sick and had to focus on regaining my health, then the next week my daughter was in the HOSPITAL for 4 days where I had no gym access or complete prep food (and Im not about to leave my 10 month old baby to worry about competition stuff of course), and then we had friends from out of town and I refused to be super anal with them here.  My goals for this competition are simply to grace that stage and learn in the process. Yes, I want to do my best, but I will not sacrifice my health or happiness in the process and do not expect to be the best up there this first time around. So, with that in mind, I am a'liking what I see considering the past few weeks. 8 weeks is still a good amount of time, I don't feel like I'm behind really, and I plan to bring things 100% from here on out. Let's do this! 

Note: 12 Weeks Out shots are to the left and 8 Weeks Out shots are to the right. I decided to start doing my pictures outside in natural light because inside the light always screws things up. Please excuse the lack of tan and how it washes me out! LOL Of course any comments, advice, etc is always always welcome :)

Left Side Shot & Model Pose

Back Shot - obviously needs the most work

Right Side Shot

NEW Front Pose shot for federation
A "Tannified" Version that Peter did for fun LOL
And to show that its possible for anyone...where I came from
~2 Months Postpartum (Jan '09) 
~7 Months Postpartum (June '09)