Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GOOOOD MORNING! Sorry I didnt get a chance to update last night.Instead I killed my workout. I am SO loving training in the afternoons! I came home just in time for dinner and to hang out with my sister and watch The Biggest Loser. Which, wow....what an ANNOYING episode that was. We have officially found the new Joelle of the season in Tracy. What a *$@#&!!!! She has totally screwed her chances of staying after backstabbing sooooo many people. I understand its a game and you want to play it to your advantage, but wow. That was a bit extreme though. I give serious credit to the trainers, the pink team, and a few others for telling her how awful what all she did was and even more credit to the red team for sacrificing themselves so that Shay could stay longer and then doing SUCH a GREAT job after going home. Anyways....

This morning was a crazy surprise. I've hit a new low weight for prep - 116.6! Wow! From 12 to 8 weeks out I basically maintained around 120 due to the hospital stay, Mandy's visit, being sick, etc. Well, the last 2 weeks it wasnt going down much again (like 1.5 lbs total, which I was still ok with) because I was feeling bloated and backed up. Well - enter higher high day Saturday and WHOOSH....poopy issues GONE (sorry if TMI but deal with it haha), peeing like a racehorse after carbs were dropped back down the past 2-3 days, etc etc. So before my higher carb day again this morning I decided to check things and I had totally bypassed 117 completely. I'll take it! So, yes, body, you can say a big fat "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"

Today's plans are to go the grocery store (AGAIN!) for a couple of things this morning when M is done with bfast (which btw she is MUCH MUCH better! yay!), do a few things around the house during her nap, hope my suit arrives, enjoy a high day of eats (woot!), maybe take a walk in this gorgeous weather, train back & chest and do cardio this afternoon, watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight, and chill with a book in between. Perfection. I hope everyone else has fabulous days too!

Yesterday's Stuff -

Training: Legs & Shoulders with Plyo Fun
BB Squat - 12, 10, 3x8
Bosu PopSquats - 4x10/side
BB Overhead Press - 2x12, 2x8

BB Stationary Lunge - 4x10/side
Jumping Lunges - 4x10/side
Side Cable Raise - 10, 3x5dropset5

Hammerstrength VSquat - 12, 3x10
Lying Leg Curl - 4x8
Front DB Raise - 4x10

DB Bulgarian Split Squat - 4x10
Burpees - 4x10

Plie BB Squat - 12, 3x10
Rear Delt DB Raise - 4x10

Cardio: 60 min Spin Class

Extra Prep Stuff: Posing Practice & Tanning

Macros = 123 C / 30 F / 141 P
meal 1 = 1sc Dymatize Toffee PP, coffee, 4oz unsweet vanilla almond milk
meal 2 = oats/20g dried fruit/.5sc All the Whey cake batter PP, 100g "french toast" eggbeaters w/ 2T sf syrup, 100g strawberries
meal 3 = ground turkey/35g salsa/15g ff cheese, 100g cucumbers, 4oz greek yogurt/1T pb
meal 4 = 1sc All the Whey strawberry PP/8oz unsweet vanilla almond milk, 120g apple w/ 20g strawberry spread
meal 5 = 4oz grilled shrimp, 100g cauliflower/carrot mix with herbs


  1. holy cow girl! skinny minny!!!

    Can we see some pictures please? ;)

  2. I think pictures will be happening this weekend if I get my suit in time :)

  3. I'm always in awe of your workout routine! Thanks for posting that; I hope to work up to that one day :)

  4. LOVE your suit....will we be seing you IN it??