Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TBL Wednesday Morning :)

First off, the rest of yesterday went just as planned. My sister came over and we enjoyed dinner together and watching The Biggest Loser. I can already tell this season is going to bring lots of change for the individuals involved - Abby and her family loss, Shay and her tough childhood, etc. I think seeing the physical changes throughout the season is really cool, but the mental and emotional changes the contestants make is even more inspiring. They are finally taking control and starting the fight to a better life. Some people found it discouraging to watch the contestants be put up to walking a mile last night right off the bat. Some people found it ridiculous that Bob & Jillian were yelling at the contestants during the workouts (which I do agree the CUSSING was unnecessary and drove me batty). Some are frustrated that such large contestants are allowed on the show. In my opinion - good for it! All! These people NEED a change in their lives and making such a drastic change will most definitely entail being thrown out of one's comfort zone. Waaayyyyyy out of it. That tough love can go a long way towards getting these people a better life....and providing these people with a better life is love, right down to it. Tough, sure. But still love. 

I will admit, however, there are some things that I wish were different about the show and how its presented. I wish there were disclaimers for those at home watching of what more realistic approaches/weight losses/etc are so viewers truly believe they can make the change too. I wish that every contestant was allowed to stay at least a full 2-3 weeks before eliminations begin so that everyone can gain more knowledge, see what they can do, and really start changing habits before being sent home. I am glad that Alexandra appears to be continuing good progress even after leaving so early. But imagine how much stronger she would have felt with more time on the show. Okay - thats all my thoughts from last night's show. I told you it would spark lots of rambles from me ;) What did YOU think? 

PS - For the record, the pumpkin cottage cheese "icecream" was NOT good! I apparently still do absolutely DESPISE cottage cheese and could taste it way too much. I plan to re-try this concoction again though, but using vanilla greek yogurt I have left over from when the fabulous Mandy came to visit ;) 


  1. I agree with your thoughts on TBL Tina! Being a trainer myself, I can't fathom how those contestants lose 30lbs in one week - and make it look like that is what is 'supposed' to happen! I felt so bad for the girl who only lost 6lbs and was crying like it wasn't good enough. Seriously? That is so sad. Bill and Jillian were in drill sargeant mode!

    I hear ya on the cottage cheese. I did a show last year and tried to incorporate it in fun ways and hated it everytime. I also tried that pumpkin. The only time it ever sounded good was the week before the show!

  2. Finally another person who doesn't like cottage cheese- I can't even look at it!

  3. I am laughing over here at your cottage cheese woes! ;)
    Don't force it babe, it's ok!! LOL!