Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spin with...SEINFELD???

So, I went to cycle tonight for my cardio and there was a sub in for one of my usual favorite spin gals. Oh boy! This sub was the WEIRDEST one yet...well almost, as one time the sub was literally a woman whose alter ego is a small Southern town Baptist preacher and was yelling at us that we could "do it-EH" the whole time. Anyways. This sub totally reminded me of Jerry Seinfeld - a dorkier, less-amusing version. He had the same nose, same dark hair with receding hairline, and just overall goofy appearance. He was wearing white knee-high socks with high-tops. Shorts that came mid-thigh in that old-school swishy material all track outfits were made of in the 90s. He had his handle bars all the way down, not adjusted properly at all. AND kept calling the seat a "chair". I thought I was in trouble and in for a TERRIBLE class. But it ended up not being too bad. I'm almost wondering if he is some dorky friend of the typical instructor who got suckered into covering her class last minute. The music and drills were similar to what she uses just a lot more basic. It was one song = climb, next song = quick steady pace, lather, rinse, repeat with an occasional sprint and breakaway. Luckily, it still made for a decent endurance ride and got the job done for sufficient carido for the day - and a good laugh in the process. Don't worry, I was nice and kept the giggles in my head. 

Time to log off and hang with Peter....and watch the season premiere of Greys Anatomy tonight! 

Training = Off
Cardio = 60 min spin class
Extra Prep Stuff = none, meant to do abs but forgot - oops!
Macros = 129 C / 30 F / 139 P
meal 1 = oats, dried fruit, cake batter pp
meal 2 = eggbeaters french toast (just the eggs cooked thin - no bread), sf syrup, TJs chicken sausage,  apple
meal 3 = ground turkey/taco season/salsa/ff cheese, strawberries, cucumbers
meal 4 = choc pp, choc unsweet almond milk, luna bar
meal 5 = turkey burger w/ pickles, mustard, onion, lettuce on Lavash bread (1/2 pc), green beans

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