Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today was another fabulous day. The weather was nice, workouts were grooving, meals were spot on, and life was filled with love. I don't have much more to add to that for my life! 

As for The Biggest Loser last night, I enjoyed watching the teams have to work together towards a goal and I am proud that they achieved it. Helping each other reach our goals is so important and when you help others, you feel better, and have the mutual support to help yourself in the process. Hopefully we can all learn to support each others dreams in our everyday lives instead of tearing each other down and trying to get ahead - which I know will be the name of TBL game soon enough. Something else that stuck out to me was that I had NO clue on the soda question of their mini-challenge. Why? Because I don't ever drink regular soda. That ignorance is bliss to me ;) 

Training = Chest & Back

BB row
12x65# / 10x75# / 8x85# / 6x95# / dropset 6x95#, 9x75#
BB bench
12x75# / 10x85# / 8x95# / 6x100# / dropset 6x100#, 9x85#

Hammerstrength High Row (weight/side)
12x45# / 8x55# / 2sets 6x55# / dropset 5x55#, 5x45#, 5x35#
Hammerstrength Decline (weight/side)
12x30# / 8x35# / 2sets 6x40# / dropset 5x40#, 5x30#, 5x20#

Cable Row
10x90# / 8x95# / 7x100# / dropset 6x100#, 5x85#, 5x70#
Incline DB Flyes (weight/side)
10x20# / 8x25# / 7x25# / dropset 5x25#, 10x15#

DB One Arm Row
10x30# / 10x35# / 8x35#
DB Bench (weight/side)
10x30# / 2sets 7x35#

Cardio = 35 min total
20 min treadmill incline walk - 3.7mph @ 10.0 incline
15 min elliptical intervals - level 10 - 30sec 50rpm / 60sec 90rpm

Macros = 133 C / 32 F / 140 P
meal 1 = oats, 16g dried mixed fruit, 1sc cupcake batter All the Whey
meal 2 = TJs maple apple chicken sausage, 120g apple, 100g southwestern eggbeaters w/ 40g mushrooms, coffee w/ 2oz unsweet vanilla almond milk
meal 3 = 3.25 oz ground turkey/taco season/15g ff cheese/35g salsa, 100g strawberries, 100g cucumber
meal 4 = 1sc strawberry All the Whey/8oz unsweet vanilla almond milk, 16g peanut butter
meal 5 = 4oz cod with low sugar tomato sauce & basil topping, 100g peas
meal 6 = dessert! Iced Oatmeal Cookie Luna Bar

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