Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Could it Be?!

We had SUN today! Oh, thank goodness. Our pool was overflowing last night and decided to visit our basement. What joy that is to clean up. 

And today is a good day because it is Tuesday again! Biggest Loser day! I tell you - I look forward to this show every week. And my greek yogurt & peanut butter "icecream" to go along with it (yummers). Tuesday nights are a perfect night for this show because now that I've realized Wednesdays are my "tough-diet-day-of-the-week", I can use TBL to motivate me to get through it. As well as reporting and sharing thoughts about progress and the show on Heather's blog on Wednesdays. I will be watching as soon as I log off here. Thank goodness for DVR so I can fast forward through commercials. 

Today I was super motivated again. I've been adding some quotes/Bible verses to a poster I have on my fridge that I read off of every day as many times as I can. It also has my God letter on it that I read as well. These cheesy inspiring tidbits added to my day are really making a difference. And motivation is important in the comp-prep game. So what all did I do today? I woke up, hit the gym for cardio/tan/stretch/abs, played with the baby girl, ate on plan, cleaned cleaned cleaned, spent a tiny bit of time with Harry Potter, and that's about it. Told you it was nothing exciting - but it was still GOOD. Even GREAT! Looking forward to another game on day tomorrow, pushed along by the knowledge that 100+ lb overweight people can do it and so can I. ;)

Training = Off
Cardio = 45 min
15 min treadmill incline jog 6.0mph @ 3.0 incline
20 min stepmill fat burner mode @ level 10
10 min elliptical level 5 @ 70-80rpm
Extra Prep = Abs, Tan, Posing Practice
3x20 captain chair leg raises
3x15,side bicycles
3x15 decline bench crunches w/ 10# medball

Macros = 128 C / 33 F / 144 P
meal 1 = coffee, 4oz unsweet choc almond milk, 1sc Dymatize toffee pp, 120g apple
meal 2 = omelet (100g southwest eggbeaters, 1 TJs jalapeno chicken sausage, 30g mushrooms), 100g strawberries, coffee
meal 3 = 3oz ground turkey/taco season/35g salsa/15g ff cheese, 100g cucumbers
meal 4 = pumpkin protein pancakes from Julie's delicious blog (1sc All the Whey cinnamon pp, 1ew, .5c pumpkin) - I just HAD to make these!!!! and I am soooo glad I did!
meal 5 = 3 oz chicken, 85g sugar snap peas, 80g broccoli slaw stirfry
meal 6 = 4oz greek yogurt mixed w/ 16g pb and frozen into "icecream" YUM!


  1. OK so those pancakes sound yummmy! I might have to steal that idea ;)

  2. i'm so glad you liked the pancakes! aren't they just delicious! i think i'm making them again today! :o)