Monday, September 7, 2009

Gettin' This Party Started.....

Well, here I am. Ready to begin my first blog. I have always enjoyed expressing myself and sharing my thoughts and feelings through writing. After having an online fitness journal, playing around on Facebook, etc. I decided it was about time to start a blog where I can easily combine all of my interests into one place and make it easier for others to follow along with my ramblings. You will come to see I can ramble a lot. Haha! 

I figure in this first post it will be best to share a little bit about me. Here's the brief version - I am a wife and mother, I am a Christian, I am a fitness enthusiast, I am a book lover, an outdoor girl, a UGA fan and alumna, and so much more. Now for the longer version....

I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Spanish Education and went on to teach high school Spanish for a few years. During that time, I got married to my husband Peter. We have been married since June of 2007 and I am thankful every day for being blessed with such a caring, supportive, and determined man. In February of 2008, we found out that I was pregnant and was due to have a baby girl in early November. With that news, we decided as a family that I would become a stay at home mother to raise our daughter. Well, I had my precious little Makenzie on October 21, 2008 and she has been the light of our lives since then. She is a very fun, happy baby and we have loved every moment of watching her grow. She is now 10.5 months old and is learning new things daily it seems. Her current "tricks" are waving bye bye, blowing kisses, blowing raspberries (her FAVORITE), clapping, and doing a big big smile with her face all scrunched up. 

A few other things about me. I am a big believer in the Christian faith and do not know what I would do without it in my life. I will share thoughts related to that here but I promise not to be preachy. I just enjoy the hope and peace that my faith brings me throughout even the most difficult times. I like to learn and grow and have recently taken up leading a Sunday school adult Bible study to do so. 

My other big passion is fitness. I have been avidly working out for about 6 or 7 years now...and yes, I even did so during my pregnancy. I like how it feels to go into the gym and bust out a great cardio session (spin is by far my favorite) and a high quality weight workout. Bring on the heavy stuff - no pink dumbbells for me! I love to share my passion for fitness and am always willing to give advice and support on anything pertaining to it. I am not a certified expert....yet. I do plan to go into the personal training field when I am ready to return to work. And while I am really into working out, I am motivated by being healthy and accomplishing new goals. It is honestly fun to me and I do not promote unhealthy approaches to dieting and training. I like to workout and eat healthy because I feel good, not to see the scale drop or something trivial like that. I am a firm believer that if you eat moderately and do exercise you enjoy then you can love your body and look and feel great. That doesn't mean you can't have goals though. After all, I am currently working towards a big one for me - my first figure competition! It is on November 7, 2009 in Marietta, GA. I am really looking forward to it!! And then of course after it, since my diet and workouts do have to be more intense than my typical right now. 

Other interests of mine are reading. I read at least a book each week - usually a chick lit, suspense, or vampire inspired novel. I like to read for pleasure so it isn't often that you will see me reading something serious. I also like to get lost in a good TV show or UGA football game. Or go on a hike or to the lake with my family. Honestly, anything with friends or family is great in my book. 

So I have rambled on enough now.....I look forward to sharing more in depth through the weeks, months, and who knows, maybe years. Thanks for stopping by! And let me know where I can come find you :) 


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  1. Hey Tina! Finally got a chance to check your blog! It's beautiful--love the background/theme, etc!

    Veryyyy nice post about friendship, as well. I still think it's so cool you got to meet a forum friend in person!

    I also have a blog, a new one--it's at Since it's new, there's not much to it! LOL it's a work in progress!