Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daily Prep Update - 60 Days Out

First off, I have to say WOW! Only 60 days?!?! And really, not even that, since that count included today. EEK! It's nerve wracking and super exciting at the same time. I am so pumped to give 100% and work very hard these last 8.5 weeks. I plan to kill those workouts, stick my macros (dieting numbers for those new to competition lingo) perfectly, and just make every single day the absolute best I can with full focus and determination. With that being said - here is an update of what I've been up to yesterday and today to accomplish those goals.

Yesterday's Workout - Legs & Shoulders
grouped exercises = supersets done one right after the other
sets x reps x weight listed for each set

bb squat - 15x95# / 10x115# / 3sets 8x125#
reverse db lunge (
weight/hand) - 12x25# / 2 sets 12x30# / 2sets 10x35#
overhead press (weight/hand) - 15x20# / 3 sets 8x25#

hacksquat (weight=total) - 4 sets 12x110#

bulgarian split squat (weight/hand) - 4 sets 10x25#
rear delt raise (weight/hand) - 3 sets 8x15#

bb plie squat - 15x70# / 12x90# / 2 sets 10x100#
lying hamstring curl - 12x50# / 8x60# / 2 sets 8x65#
front raise (weight/hand) - 3 sets 10x12.5#

Yesterday's Cardio - 60 min spin class

Yesterday's Macros (protein, fat, carbohydrate breakdown) -123g Carbs / 135g Protein / 37g Fat - ended up a little over in fat...oops! 

Today's Workout - Off Day besides some abs
Today's Cardio - 50 min Turbokick 
Today's Macros - 123 Carbs / 131 Protein / 31 Fat

So I have definitely been on my game the past couple of days and am ready to keep it going! My motivation probably won't always be so high, so be prepared to offer a helping hand throughout this process ;) 


  1. Whoo Turbokick! What round did you do today? :) Good job being ON my lady :)

  2. Round 29...I totally thought of you!!

  3. Hi Tina, thanks for leaving a comment on my page. You are looking fab for 12 weeks out (great leg definition!) and just wait till you see yourself in a dark tan...its amazing. I just finished work with my clients (also a Personal trainer) so going off to do some weights. You have pushed me along to do this today so a BIG thanks....Trudx

  4. YAY round 29!

    GAHHH I miss you! I feel like my boyfriend moved away, LOL!!!!

  5. Wow! You're kicking butt! YAY! AND you're motivating me! :-)


  6. Nice job girl! I ordered Turbokick! hopefully its as fun as you say! :)