Monday, September 28, 2009

Poor Baby!

Today has been a ROUGH day! And no, it's surprisingly not even related to comp prep. My poor little Makenzie has a serious serious BAD BAD BAD diaper rash. She has been battling one off and on since she was on antibiotics those 2 weeks. The pediatrician keeps giving us these various creams of different strengths and the rash will appear to go away and then come back a day or two later. And even worse off than before. We are doing everything we can to help it - letting her roam naked almost all of her awake time, applying the antifungal/yeast creams, feeding her tons of yogurt, not using wipes, etc etc etc. And she continues to be in super pain :( Even to the point where she is waking up in the middle of the night numerous times (which she never ever does - and mommy is hating) and when I go to the changing table she screams and shakes her little head NO. The pediatrician says if it doesn't improve (they just gave us another stronger cream) she will need to go on probiotics because it is possible her system was disturbed too much with the 2+ weeks she had to be on the antibiotics. One of the toughest parts of being a momma is without a doubt watching your child suffer and not being able to take it away.

In other news - today has gone very well with prep and with my new plan. I just had cardio this afternoon and it was nice to be able to eat less in the morning when I am naturally not AS hungry and save my food for the afternoon around my workout and when I am more hungry. Spin was supposed to be on the plan for cardio but when I got to the gym for the class it was already booked. I was even there almost 20 minutes early. Yikes! So, I made the best of it and did tomorrow's cardio plan instead and will try to sub in a spin class tomorrow...which tonight's killer instructor teaches tomorrow too so that should work out fine. The remainder of the day I went grocery shopping (extremely fast to keep M in her diaper the shortest time possible), laundry/dishes/kitchen cleaning (never ending jobs they are), read a little bit, and played with Makenzie. It's amazing how much burn you can get through a workout and daily activity. As of 8 PM, I had already burned close to 2500 calories! Not too shabby :) Its so fun seeing all the numbers and charts and all with the Go Wear Fit. Thanks sooooooooo much again, Mandy!!!!! BTW - she has an awesome blog that you should check out HERE ;)

Training: Off
Cardio: 50 min Total
20 min incline run - 6.5mph @ 4.0 incline
15 min incline walk - 3.8mph @ 10.0 incline
15 min crosstrainer - incline 10, resistance 8
Extra Prep Stuff: Abs - 4 sets of each
60 second plank holds
20/side bicycles
25 froggy crunches

Macros: 110 C / 30 F / 153 P
meal 1 = 1sc Dymatize Toffee PP, coffee, 4oz unsweet vanilla almond milk
meal 2 = oats/.5sc All the Whey PP/20g dried fruit, 100g eggbeaters w/ 2T sf maple syrup, 100g strawberries
meal 3 = 3.25oz ground turkey/2T salsa/15g ff cheese, 100g cucumber, 4oz greek yogurt/1T pb
meal 4 = 1sc All the Whey PP/8oz unsweet choc almond milk, 120g apple/20g strawberry spread
meal 5 = 4oz chicken/50g red pepper that I roasted/50g cucumber/3oz steamed broccoli slaw/2T light sesame ginger dressing all tossed together and served in romaine lettuce leaves for Asian lettuce wraps - oh so so so so good!!!!!!!

Notes/Reflection: Super happy that I didn't let spin being thrown out of my workout mess me up and send me home doing nothing. I still got in a great workout and will be able to adjust the week as needed. I really enjoyed having my meals set up with more in the afternoon. Also, if you notice, my carbs are lower than before. I've decided I want to make my high days a lot higher than my low days. So, I dropped the low days back on carbs and upped protein a bit to have a bit more of a serious cycle this last bit of prep. It worked just  fine! 


  1. POOOR Makenzie!! Jerry send his hugs too. Keep us posted on her. Poor snookums :(

    Glad you are likin' the GWF! If anyone needs one, you know who to call! :-)


  2. i'm sorry about your poor daughter! i hope she feels better soon. :) your cardio workout looks like a good one... i may have to steal that bad boy!