Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gotta New Plan, Stan!

After battling SERIOUS hunger alllll day yesterday (like the "painful feel sick" hunger, not the "crap I wish I could eat" hunger), I ended up feeling very weak and woozy/lightheaded around 9 or so last night. From previous experiences, that scared me, and I knew I had to get something in me. So, I turned to my trusty "help my blood sugar is dropping" snack, cereal. Don't worry - it was measured out, counted, and not an emotional spur of the moment decision such as last week was. But health first and I had to eat! After I started feeling better I thought about how last week the same thing happened. And every Wednesday. I think it is because I try to have so many lower cal days in a row and after a few days it starts affecting me physically in a bad bad way, especially considering my past hypoglycemic issues and what all happened my last attempt at prep.

In my 
meal plan I set Sat & Sun to be a bit higher days out of convenience and to fit in more enjoyable things on the weekends. I decided I am going to have to change that to having my high days on Wed & Sat and doing a low day on Sunday instead - which will be a bit of an inconvenience on Sunday with church and figuring out lower meals that work with my long breaks between meals on Sundays due to my schedule. But I can make that work and it will be better for me to have the week broken up a bit more. So thats the new diet plan. I will also probably do Wed as high as Sat or close to it to be on the safe side - after all, cals on those days are still at a deficit, just not as big so no harm done. We'll see what happens with my progress with the changes and increases, but better safe than sorry in my book.

Anyhoo - I also will be switching up my training schedule because I don't want to be taking Makenzie to the gym daycare as often anymore now that flu 
season is here and she seems to be getting sick more easily since the hospital. My split will be odd but it will still fit in my workouts and allow me to go more in the afternoons and still do cycle on days I enjoy it, etc. So that means today will be just cycle this afternoon and no weights and then I will train legs & shoulders tomorrow. I ended up doing a lot of cleaning, reading, playing with M this morning instead. Oh - and another good thing about doing my training later is I can put more of the bulk of my meals in the afternoon around training and that's when I am hungriest. It's easier for me to eat lighter in the AM but before I was trying to eat more bec of pre/post workout nutrition. So another bonus that will hopefully leave me feeling less hunger and better in general!  Enough rambling now....BBL!


  1. i hope this new plan helps! it sounds like you know what your body wants/needs which is great. :)

  2. Way to go on listening to your body, and changing things up to make it work for you!

  3. listening to your body is always important, its amazing how we can know our bodies so well, like clock work, know when they will get hungry and what to feed it

    your doin' awesome tina!! your new plan sounds great :)