Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

It has been raining like crazy here in the Atlanta area for the past week, and today has gotten even worse. There have been multiple cases of flooding, roads and schools being closed, and, sadly, even drownings because of the rain. It would be nice if it passed soon, but it doesn't appear to be so - or at least not for another couple of days. Fortunately the worst the rain has impacted me is it being a total pain to go out in twice for the gym and to the grocery store with Makenzie. I will really be praying for those it is hitting harder though. 

In other news for today, I have been asked to tutor a neighbor's son in Spanish 2x/week starting this Sunday. She asked how much I charged and I don't know! The only students I ever tutored before would have been my own that I couldn't ask money from. I am hoping this will be an easy way to help earn some extra cash for our family. Any ideas on what to ask for payment? It would be nice to get a couple hundred extra a month for our family :) Although it does stink that it will be on my only spare afternoons each week, at least until prep is over. Do what you gotta do though! 

Training = Legs & Shoulders (lighter for my back)
Cardio = 60 min Spin Class
Extra Prep = none
Macros = 125 C / 34 F / 135 P
meal 1 = oats, dried tropical fruit, All the Whey cake batter pp
meal 2 = omelet (eggbeaters & mushrooms), TJs apple chicken sasuage, apple, coffee w/ almond milk
meal 3 = ground turkey/salsa/ff cheese/taco season, cucumbers, strawberries
meal 4 = All the Whey strawberry pp, almond milk, larabar
meal 5 = chicken, broccoli, ketchup

Circuit 1
BB Squat

12x90# / 4sets 10x100#
Stationary BB Lunge

12x40# / 3sets 12x60#
Overhead Shoulder Press

4sets 10x25#,side

Circuit 2

4sets 10x110#
Bulgarian Split Squat

4sets 10x25#,side
Side Cable Raise

3sets 8x20#,side

Circuit 3
Plie Squat

4sets 15x75#
Lying Hamstring Curl

4sets 8x55#  
Front Plate Raise

3sets 8x25# plate
Rear Delt DB Raise

3sets 12x12.5#,side


  1. I saw the horrible flooding in the South on the news this morning. I hope that is not anywhere near you. Sending prayers to those ppl!

  2. Glad you've been spared from the flooding. My stepmom tutored forever ago, and charged $50/hour. That was a long time ago, so I'd say at least that much.
    Also, I miss the "chatting" part of the old board....just so you know! :-) But aren't you impressed I can now post as myself???