Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Today has been a fairly busy, but great day. I am feeling strong and motivated and every day that I have that going for me is a good one. I woke up this morning to eat my breakfast and get things going with Makenzie before heading to the gym for my weight session. I really, really, really focused on form and making the absolute most of each movement today. And boy did I feel it. There were points where I didn't know how I was going to be able to push through another set or rep, but I did. Whew! This whole upper/lower split training with legs on a separate day is finally starting to grow on me. 

After that, we came home and I got Makenzie down for her nap so I could make my post workout big breakfast (utter deliciousness meal) and then shower, get dressed, play on the computer, do a few things around the house (like clean the kitchen), etc during her nap. And oh - I tried the new exfoliator I got and LOVED it. It's St. Ives Oatmeal Shea Butter In Shower Body Polish (find it here). Once Makenzie woke from her nap we headed out for some errands - the grocery store and the library. I had to return a book I just finished called The Wednesday Sisters. I enjoyed it. It was a very peaceful read, although slow-moving at parts. My next read was going to be the first House of Night vampire novel. Yes, I love the teeny-bopper vampire stories and like getting lost in them for pure enjoyment. Don't judge! BUT I accidentally picked up the 2nd book instead of the 1st. Once again, don't judge - I AM blonde. LOL So my next book will be Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I usually like the light-heartedness of her books and hope this will be the same. 

After errands it was home to devour my measly enjoyable lunch before playing with Makenzie before her next nap. She is just growing and growing and it amazes me every day. She still is afraid to walk though. She wants to, she tries to, but then decides crawling is easier and gives it up. LOL I'm not rushing it though. Later in the afternoon, after Peter got home (and told me M's hospital visit is going to cost us almost $2500), I ate my snack and then  headed back out to my old gym for a killer spin class. This instructor is insane and I love the torture she puts us through. *insert evil laugh here* Came home and gobbled up dinner and topped off the night with some relaxation and Bible study with Peter whilst enjoying a delicious Larabar. 
may not = but still dang good!

Macros - 128 Carb / 135 Protein / 34 Fat
meal 1 = oats, dried fruit, cake batter protein powder
meal 2 = southwestern eggbeaters & mushrooms, apple & strawberry spread, trader joes maple chicken sausage
meal 3 = ground turkey/taco season/salsa/ff cheese, cucumber, strawberries
meal 4 = strawberry protein powder & unsweet vanilla almond milk, pb
meal 5 = chicken, broccoli
meal 6 (dessert) = banana bread larabar

Training - Legs & Shoulders
Cardio - spin class (with the BEST instructor...finally back to her class)
Extra Stuff - really really good stretch!!!

Circuit 1
squat (really focused on form and going low)
15x90# / 10x100# / 2sets 10x110# / 8x110#
reverse db lunge (reps/leg - weight/hand)
2 sets 12x30# / 3 sets 12x35#
overhead db shoulder press (weight/hand)
2sets 10x25# / 8x30# / 6x30#

Circuit 2
12x110# / 3sets 10x130#
bulgarian split squat (reps/leg - weight/hand)
4sets 10x25#
cable side raise (reps & weight/side)
4sets 10x20#

Circuit 3
bb plie squat 
12x80# / 3sets 10x90#
lying hamstring curl
4sets 8x60#
front raise (weigh/hand)
3sets 10x10#
rear delt db raise (weight/hand)
3sets 10x15#


  1. I am SO happy for you!!! It's so awesome that your old gym took you back for spin while prepping!!

    I also heart upper lower splits. I'm glad you are getting your groove on with those!

    Wow- Little M is almost ready to take off walking!!!!

    Have a great day! Amy

    Oh, and I guess I need to create a profile so I am not longer

  2. Im enjoying reading your blog Tina! I lurker on O2 and am glad you started a blog! You look great already for your first show!

  3. Thanks ladies for the support!! :)

  4. Gotta love tortuous spin classes :-)


  5. banana bread larabars are my favorite!!