Monday, January 18, 2010

Catching Up to Do

This weekend was a whirlwind! Where exactly did it go? Thank goodness it is a three day one for the hubs. Which I guess doesn't mean a ton for a stay at home mommy like me. But just having the hubs around helps out...even if he is busy occupying himself with the various household projects on his annoyingly never ending ambitious list.

Back to the point. What have I been up to the past two days? I know you all are just yeah whatever positively dying to know. Right? Right! Well, Saturday started off with a nice cardio sweat session. 10 minutes on the crosstrainer plus a 45 minute spin class. Awesomeness. Canceled out the cardio with a nice serving of homemade blueberry waffles. Yum! Note: those are not all mine. I did have three of those bad boys, though.

After that, some plans changed with Peter's family, which opened up my afternoon. It was a nice change because I was able to finish my book which I was anxious to do.

Although predictable, it was a sweet story that just made me feel good. If you're looking for a good chick book that is easy reading, give it a shot. Now time to devour another.

Saturday night, we headed out to drop M off at my parents' place and visit for a few before heading out for a fun evening.

Why does that dress look like a tent on me? Sorry...moving on. Peter's best friend is getting married in about 2 weeks and they had a couple's shower going on. It was a nice time catching up. Some wine was enjoyed - 2 glasses of some uh-maz-ing Spanish wine. I soooo wish I had taken more note of specifics of it because I would have a bottle in my fridge regularly if I did. And if it was cheap. I'm not afraid to admit I can be a "three buck chuck" kind of vino gal. Sometimes it is good stuff! Who knows how much this kind was. My guess would be $$$$$. The host's place was fancy schmancy. Like a $5000 chair that you can't even sit on kind of schmancy. For the record - it wasn't made of gold. The night ended because we were lame and tired at 10 o'clock had to pick Makenzie up, so we headed out and crashed at home.

Sunday was yet another eventful day. Started off right with some Sunday school teaching action. I always feel odd calling myself a Sunday school leader or teacher. I'm not teaching kiddos. I'm "teaching" my peers....most of whom are older than me. I guess it is more just facilitating discussion and figuring out/organizing topics for different series. Well, Sunday school was a goodie. I'm loving the series we are currently in (post on that coming soon). Unfortunately, after class, we did have to dip out of the worship and sermon service to drive an hour for some family celebration with Peter's side. It was our niece's 7th birthday this past week and we had a gathering of gluttony craziness to celebrate.

It was lots of fun watching all the kiddos play and laughing with family. Also, I didn't mind the ice cream cake. Although, oddly I think I would have preferred normal cake with gobs of yummy icing. I used to always be a cookie cake or ice cream cake lover, but then being preggo changed all that. Makenzie made me a fat kid at heart. Aw, heck! Who am I kidding? I've always been a fat kid at heart. Now, there are just more things to love.

The weekend eventually ended with the hour drive back home, then plopping on the couch for a movie. The Taking of Pelham 123 with John Travolta & Denzel Washington - not bad, but not great either. The end.

  • What good movies have you seen recently? 
  • What is your favorite type of cake?
  • Do you ever drink or like the cheap-o stuff? 


  1. i love your dress!
    and loved your comment and what you said on my last post! great words :)
    i love spin class! went yesterday. its always good when the instructor plays good music too!

  2. 1) I liked Up in the Air and Its Complicated

    2) I am weird and don't like cake- unless its icecream cake.

    3) Confession- I am a big wine snob and tend to like stuff in the $10-$30 range but there are a few under $10 that I like.

  3. i think that dress looks super cute on you, missy! no tent look from over here. ;)