Thursday, January 14, 2010

Special Visitor

Well, today started off not on the best of feet. I woke up exhausted and I know just what to blame. I'm not so sure you would call it a special visitor, rather than a monthly one....but nevertheless, I was still relatively happy to have my visit from Auntie Flo to know that things are still in working order in my body. Although, she is a pain! Yesterday it was tummy ailments and today it was that hit by a bus exhaustion that plagued me. I think I looked like this until about noon...

Just sub the beer for coffee and the remote for my book. Which, by the way, I finished Smilies It was one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and was as entertaining as always. The Sookie Stackhouse series is the series that the TV show True Blood is based off of. It's about a girl (Sookie) who gets involved in all sorts of crazy antics in the supernatural world and it is a very fun, easy read. There are 3 more for me to read and I'm looking forward to them. But to take a break and get something different in the mix, I am now reading The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman. So far I am enjoying it. It's a predicatble storyline of a working lady who is left with her best friend who died's 2 little girls and the battles she faces with it. As you can probably tell, I am not one for serious themes in my reading.

All that book talk reminds me to get back to my day. Oops! Well, I was a lazy bunch until around 11 in the morning when M woke up from her morning nap (she was sleepy too and napped a total of 4.5 hours today!). Then, we got dressed and headed out to the library for a visit. I picked up 4 books to read, including the one I mentioned above. Then, since it was nice out and not too cold when we got home, we headed out for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. It's a nice stroll and works well for a mini workout since our neighborhood consists of one hill after another like this...

And when you're pushing 40 or so pounds of baby, stroller, library haul, etc it is quite effective for getting the heart rate up. And it's fun when you have a face like this looking at you half the time like a goober.

After the walk, it was lunch, torture the dog play time, etc with Makenzie until her next nap. That was when I got a bit productive and tackled 1/3 of my book and cleaned some. The productivity continued upon hubby's arrival home as we headed out to the gym. Full body weights + 20 minutes on the treadmill = quick, to the point, but effective and just challenging enough workout. Perfection. And we finish off the night with some pork chops, sweet potato, blogging, and reading. I would like to watch Grey's Anatomy but staying  up until 11 just won't happen so it will be DVR'ed for tomorrow night's viewing pleasure. 

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  1. Sounded like a great day! I rarely see 11pm LOL :)

  2. Mackenzie is so adorable!! What a nice day!!

  3. I think we're on the same cycle sista! That is an adorable pic of Makenzie!

  4. I love hot expressive Makenzie's eyes are when she smiles! Bet she lights up a room!

    Feel better. ;)

  5. (Totally meant how, not hot. HA!)