Friday, January 15, 2010

How It Went Down

Here's how my Friday went down. Not that it was too thrilling. Woke up, did the Bible/prayer thing, got the little stinker darling up from bed and downed some breakfast. Peanut butter protein oats for me, peanut butter waffle for the doll. After food, it was time to have a tea party.

Other mommyhood activities occurred. Like kicking the ball and waving our hands above our heads. Do I belong in something like this???

Maybe, if it wasn't for a certain blue eyed tot. Or perhaps she is what will send me to such a room? I kid, I kid!! That girl is the light of my life and I would do anything for her. Including watching another episode of these guys...

During morning naptime, I got in another one of my new Cathe DVD's. Athletic Step. Check it out. It was hardcore, tough stuff. Don't think step workouts are always super duper fancy choreography. This was a bunch of athletic, plyo style drills. And just when I thought she had killed me enough, NOPE! There was more. That woman is evil I tell ya. And it always amazes me how much new workouts will work you in ways you couldn't imagine. Yowza!

The remainder of the day included another walk, lunch (arnold thin ham & swiss sandwich, gala apple, 100 cal popcorn), more fun with the little girl, and my favorite! Grocery shopping. I love love love stocking up for the week. There were no super interesting food finds or buys this week though. Bummer.

One thing that was of interest today, however, was trying to decide whether or not to enjoy a local Moms Group. It would be to meet other moms, socialize with people in the area, let M meet new friends, and find more ways to get out and about and do different activities. The only thing that would keep me back is I am unsure how many of the activities would be extra money, which we are trying to manage closely. Do you think it would be worth it? Should I check it out? 

It's a busy day tomorrow so I will have to update on later this weekend. Hopefully with some pictures for you lovely ladies. Anyhoo. I'll leave you off there since I've rambled on plenty already. Night!


  1. Do you know if there are free events? Sometimes I think its worth it to get out and have adult interaction.

  2. I love my mom groups! Most of them have a ton of events during the week that are free or consist of "coffee". In reality, I met a bunch of moms, my son made "friends" (as much as an 8 month old can) and now we just make our own playdates.

    In my area, I found some good mom groups on
    Good luck! Every mom needs other moms to complain to!

  3. aww i think the moms group sounds fun! sounds like great fellowship, which we are called to have. whatchya reading in the bible? i just finished reading mine!! starts the day off rightS!!

    sounds like a great day!! happy saturday love!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog, Tina!! (That's actually one of my favorite names!). I would totally join the local moms group--support!!