Thursday, November 5, 2009

And the Glamour Begins

Today was super packed, as will tomorrow be. But it will mostly be filled with final touches and the more glam part of competition prep. Today I finished my last workout (!!!!!!!!!), then spent most of the early afternoon getting things done around the house to straighten up. Towards the end of the afternoon, I went to get my french mani/pedi done and it was so delectable to sit back and relax. Came home, helped get poor sick Makenzie into bed (yes, that's right - I have a sick 1 year old the last days of prep!), and then ventured into the shower with hubs for a 1 hour shaving session. Let me tell you what - having to shave everywhere is a true eye opener that you aren't as smooth and feminine as you might think. LOL Now it's relaxation time watching Grey's Anatomy in a few and reading some more Twilight. :)

Tomorrow. Ummm, where do I begin? I'll be coating on the tanner throughout the day with Peter's help. Needless to say he's thrilled I'll be strolling the house naked for extended periods of time tomorrow. Also, I'll be packing up Makenzie's stuff for her weekend stay with grandma and also packing up as much as I can of my show day bag. I'll have to go get tested for the federation to prove I am drug free. We'll have to go to the store to stock up on last minute needs and some goodies. And I think that's it. Oh! And getting in a nice short family walk. Hopefully we'll have time for it all! Oh, yea....we will....since I'll suddenly have a couple extra hours to my day ;)

I'll try to post up some one day out pics tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. oh wow. It's all happening!! I had no idea there was so much to do.
    Grandma will take good care of Mackenzie.

    Oohhh, that tanning part will be fun. eh eh !!
    made me laugh.

    Ok then. phew, you have been busy.
    Best of Luck. Now,
    Run outside and shout out to the world....
    " I DID IT" !!!!!!!!!

    I will be back for pics. yipeeeeee