Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Legs of the Race :)

Another day down and almost done. 'Twas a good one and was literally the "last leg" - leg training day, that is. I was super happy to be done with that one. And even though it was a much lighter load than a normal leg workout, I was struggling. Let me be clear. I loathe separate leg days. But, for prep, I did what I had to do and did an upper/lower split to be able to really focus on my upper more and keeping muscle there. So, today when I finished I was thinking how I don't have to do a solely leg workout again. EVER!

Enough about that silliness though. I had a wonderful day today. My sister came over to keep me company all day. We went to the mall and strolled around. I bought 2 pairs of jeans from Express (buy one get one 50% yea!!) that are very nice and I foresee them having no problems fitting post show because there is some spare flippin' size 0s! What in the world?! I blame vanity sizing, but that's another tangent for another time. We also had lunch in the food court. Well, more like plopped ourselves at a foodcourt table and pulled out our tupperware containers of salad to eat. After getting home and putting miss Makenzie down for her nap, we even did some Turbo Kick together for a fun cardio workout to keep my energy and motivation up :) Now, I'm about to dig into some tuna sashimi and watch last night's The Biggest Loser since I chose to watch So You Think You Can Dance live last night.

The next couple of days will be extremely busy with lots of prep stuff. I'll try to update about it all each day. 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is it girl!
    I think I had tons of energy toward the end too...must have been nerves cuz it sure was not due to real energy (FOOD!!!)
    SO proud of you mommy! THIS IS IT!!!

  2. Good work Tina getting it done. Just a few more days now! Those last workouts are always the hardest. Just a few more days now. Good luck Tina! This is it!

  3. Room to spare in a size 0? Holy ka-moly. Way to make me feel tubby, LOL!!! ;)

    Good to see your spirits are up girl. XOXO Sounds like a great day with your sis!

  4. Good luck babe! I hope you enjoy the rest of the journey. I can't wait to hear how you go and see pics! Will be thinking of you!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm still feeling really good :)

    And Mandy - you are not tubby! Seriously...vanity sizing is to blame I promise. I've gotten smaller sure, but not 0 small! I do still have curves and before that was impossible at a 0.