Sunday, November 8, 2009

Show Recap

I want to start off by saying I feel super accomplished for having made it to the stage and finishing what I set out to do. Yesterday was a lot of fun, as well as exhausting. The girls were all sooooo nice and funny and it was an all around good time backstage. Everyone is so supportive of each other and it's great. I felt happy with how I looked and the progress I made and for being up there, even if I was super nervous the 1st round and literally shaking in my heels. I'm perfectly happy with the results. Now onto that...I got 4th place.....out of 4 girls.....

I'm not gonna lie. When my name was the first called out I was bummed and had a moment of griping when first getting to Peter and my family offstage. But I quickly recovered and remembered how strong and wonderful I felt earlier in the day and not because I thought I was going to win (I didn't) or anything like that. But because I felt like I did a good job, I was having fun, and I had made it. So I've decided to take that - the good - away from the show and be happy for it all and move on to the next part of my life. So onto a normal, balanced way of living again. Basically, on with LIFE.

Okay, moving on - treats!! I actually haven't even been in the mood for much of anything! Last night, I had one icing cookie, a handful of candy corn, and a few pieces of Halloween candy and was done. We went to dinner at Steak and Shake with my family bec they were all starving from the FOREVER long show...I got a burger and choked it down and didn't really eat any fries and no shake either.

Today - all I've had is a couple of cookies and a few more pieces of candy (nothing much at all) and had a Subway 6 inch. NO IHOP like planned. NO COLDSTONE like I wanted. Heck, I'm not even super thrilled for going to The Cheesecake Factory (my favorite favorite favorite restaurant) tonight. I'm excited to hang out with my friends but I'm not excited about the food at all. So strange. I'm seriously ready to get back in the gym lightly and just to normal tomorrow. I will probably still take tomorrow easy and off though to rest because I know I need it.

Now for some pictures....

Show Opening Shot

Suit Picture

Sportswear Picture

My Class

Placings from Left to Right = 4th/2nd/1st/3rd


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from, i too was in a figure comp in october, and got 4th...out of 4. Unfortunately it was a very political show, with one of the other girls in my class sponsoring the show,and the other being the personal assistant to the president of the organization. Same feelings washed over me afterwards, but i spoke with the judges, they told me what to change and am competing again on nov, 21, same judges so we will see how that goes
    i think you look amazing and would definately have placed you 2nd!! I can imagine the relief you must feel being done, I am so ready to be done and over with this!!
    enjoy your family, your rest and your food!

  2. You look AMAZING!!! And I bet you're so glad it's over! I KNOW you're not going for these types of comments and I'm not saying this to make you "feel better" but I definatly would have placed you second or possibly even first. I like your abs better than everyone else up there, arms too. Anyway, love your bod! You rocked!

  3. Congrats :) You did it...and im so glad you had a good overall experience!! I would have placed you higher too ;) You never know what they are going for :)

  4. Congratulations sweetie. I am SO proud of you. You look amazing and have nothing to be disappointed about. I am convinced much of these competitions IS political and subjective so just smile, hold your head high and know that you did a GREAT job.

    And on that note... I hope you wake up and realize all the good food you've been missing and eat something more exciting LOL! :)


  5. You look sensational! Be proud of yourself for all the hard work, sweat and tears shed. The big question...Will you do it again? I definitely would have placed you higher!

  6. I agree with EVERYONE above. 3rd place should have been 4th. I would have put 1st place at 3rd. And you in 1st or 2nd...both of you ladies have BEAUTIFUL figures!!! I think over all four of you, you had the most definition, for sure. I'm not sure WHAT they were looking at here.

    Great job, look incredible. PS: Keep in mind, THEY probably aren't mommas of a one year old, and YOU look better. :)

  7. Tina - you look fabulous!! I really am surpised you got 4th. Your stage presence looks great!! You have such a wonderful outlook - congrats!!!

  8. Tina- you totally inspired me. I would never ever have the guts to get up on stage! I had my son 6 months ago and don't look even close to good anymore- you give me serious hope!!!

  9. Thanks all :) I appreciate the support. Everyone did great and while I too don't quite understand what the judges were going for I'm still thrilled with how I did and that's all that matters.

    I did LOL at Melissa's comment - yep, I'm the only one with a kid out of them! :D

  10. tina you look AMAZINGGGGGGG I cannot believe thats you up there...although I rarely post on 02 anymore, I have been following your journey and you look have come SUCH a long way and it completely 100% paied off as you look stunninggggg

    congratulations!!! xoxox

  11. Just found this blog- congratulations on doing a competition and staying SANE!

    Honestly, I've been following a lot of the judging controversies lately and have found that they are consistently inconsistent. So a couple individuals with at least 3 test judging experiences ranked you a certain way. In my opinion, you looked amazing. Like you belonged up there :-)

  12. Just wanted to come by again... Jerry looked at your pictures for the first time tonight and he said "Tina should have won. Look at her!" :)

    Thought that would make you smile. I decided 3rd should have been 4th. 1st should have been 3rd. Not even a question!!

  13. wow, tina, you look amazing... you should be so proud of your accomplishment :)