Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sugar High????

I promise I'm not on a sugar high, but good gracious I sure do feel like it! LOL I'm not complaining in the least bit, but where....oh WHERE am I getting this energy? Especially considering I am super hungry and my body is thoroughly telling me that I haven't really, fully, truly fed it in about 3 months. Also considering I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night - because of waking up from the said hunger and not falling back asleep thanks to hubby's beautiful musical nose. And considering my precious daughter has been going through a rotten not quite as precious stage - where she is starting to throw temper tantrums when I won't let her beat our dog over the head with books and then she's refusing to take full naps even though she is very obviously tired.

But somehow, some way I have energy to spare! I have been coasting through my last workouts since I decided to drop the cardio a smidge and lower the intensity of my weight workouts to save energy and strength for show day and the unending posing. And it will only get easier from here. The biggest battle has been the midafternoon munchy monsters that try to throw me off track (notice I said TRY so all is still well). Distracting myself from the hunger is the toughest thing. I've been playing with Makenzie bunches, going on low key neighborhood walks, re-reading Twilight (love that book btw!), chatting online, anything and everything. But now I will have company the next 3 days. My sister will be hanging out with me all day tomorrow and then Peter (hubs) will be working from home to be with me on Thursday and Friday.

Basically - all is well in this neighborhood!

And here's a pic of my abs I took this afternoon. I am one of those unfortunate ones that no matter how lean/flat my stomach gets I don't get the popping 6-pack look. Boo. But I know it isn't the be all, end all so I'm not concerned.


  1. LOL the rotten stage. *sigh* I can relate all to well to that!

    You are my hero, Girl. XOXO

  2. Bella beats Buffy an Angel with books too-- LMAO!

  3. Oh boy, Hannah does the same!!!! The dog's finally discovered running to the back room and just sleeping there at all times. Poor thing.

    Musical noses are definitely a force to be reckoned with. My husband's got the same stinkin' issue! I swear, I'll fall asleep and be fine...until I wake up for the baby or something else, and he's snoring. THEN it's a problem. I usually end up pinching his nose shut. ;)

  4. I cannot contribute to the kid talk but Kevin's pretty rotten sometimes :) hehehe

    So so proud of you & if I have to say it daily for a bit, I will!!!

    The energy is normal. It's that finish line euphoria. It feels great doesn't it!!!

  5. omg i laughed so hard when i read about your daughter beating your poor dog! :) so funny!