Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hoppin' on the Bandwagon

The holiday self-challenge bandwagon, that is. As I mentioned yesterday, I want to get back into my better habits since I have allowed many things to throw me a bit off track the past few weeks. I don't have very specific, measurable goals. Simply to make each day count. I consider my body to be my temple given to me by God and I know I need to honor my body. Heck, how can I not, when considering what all has been given to me so graciously by Him? So each day I want to eat well and be active. The holidays are a notorious time for over-indulgence and I will not deny that many, many times I have succumbed. I don't want to do that this year. Yes, I plan to enjoy, but I have to keep things in check. This is my Day 2 of my "Better Habits" self-challenge. And this is a challenge that will not end. It is not for X amount of weeks or until I reach X weight or something arbitrary like that. It is a continued desire to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Anyone care to hop on with me?? :)

Today was an atypical Sunday. Normally, a large part of our Sundays involves church. I lead group discussion for a Sunday school group called The Goodlife at 9:30 and we go to the sermon at 11:00. We didn't make it to church at all today because Makenzie was pretty under the weather this morning (this girl has a stuffy head that just won't quit!). Since we weren't having class due to the holiday, we decided it would be best to hang back and let the baby girl rest.

So, what was today like? Did I care for myself and fulfill my better habits? YEP! I started the day with a cardio session in our basement. Cathe's LowMax DVD fit the bill for that. It was a great way to start the day and a fabulous cardio session. Better habit #1...check! Normally, Sundays are also a day of rest for me, but since I took Wed-Fri off of workouts with the holidays I knew I could handle fitting something in today. Then, I ate a delicious breakfast of Kashi blueberry waffles with some sugar free syrup, strawberries, and a egg white omelet with peppers/onions/veggie sausage/lf cheese. Along with my breakfast, I spent some quality time with my all time favorite book - The Bible. It is amazing how no matter how many times you read through it, there is always something special to get out of it every single time. Better habit #2...check!!

The remainder of the day was low key. I spent a fair amount of time snuggling my sweetie pie - minus the trip to chasing her from the stairs, which she has figured out how to climb now. I also tutored the neighborhood kid and read some of my current book (An Isolated Incident by Susan Sloan - so good and one of my favorites that I am re-reading). Now, it is about time to cook up some dinner. I will be making some sauteed zucchini, squash, and onions to toss with some Italian turkey sausage, light tomato sauce, and a small serving of whole wheat pasta. So Better Habit #3 will be a check! Balanced, healthy meals have most certainly filled my belly today.

Check, check, check!! I like those days. Now, if only those checks could be deposited at the bank. ;)


  1. i LOVE that goal girl!! our body is a temple and we need to honor the Lord by taking care of that.
    Im working on my goals for december! :)
    hope you had a great sunday

  2. great goal & an awesome outlook. one day at a time makes everything seem more manageable.

  3. Thanks for the comment!!
    Sounds like a good goal. I'm trying to keep things in check's hard!

  4. I like your challenge, sounds like a very healthy one. I need to come up with something on my own, despite motivation being pretty high right now.

    I hope McKenzie starts feeling better soon! Want her to feel well for the holidays!

    Thanks for keeping things sane and "real," :-P lol


  5. Hey Tina! :) Love your new goals!