Monday, November 30, 2009

Excuses are Easy, Resolve is Rewarding

Today started off a bit on the unexpected side. Well, not totally unexpected, but not what I was hoping for. After waking up, getting dressed in my gym wear, downing my pre-workout NO Xplode shake (which, for the record, works well but tastes nasty in lemonade flavor), and being pumped to keep rolling with my "better habits" motivation....found a sick, super congested, coughing baby girl in her crib when I went to get her up. *sigh* My poor girl!! She has been battling off and on congestion for a few weeks. Without fail, 2 days a week she is snotty and fussy. We do the humidifier, saline spray, sucking the junk out, juice/fluids bit and then she is fine and back to normal. Only for it to return a week later. Well. Hmmmm? What to do? I can tell you what I did would have done in the past few weeks - use it as an excuse to not be able to get in my workout and laze around and boredom snack all day. Easy, peasy, right???

NO!!!! Well, yes. It would be easy. No, I would not have been happy and would have felt disappointed in myself for taking the easy way out. Now, now, now. Don't fret. I did not pack up my sick baby and head to the gym anyways to pass germs to other innocent children. I snuggled and played with my happy, albeit sick, sweetheart. Then, when she went down for her nap, I headed down to the basement and did some cardio. I pulled out an old Cathe DVD I haven't done in quite some time - IMAX 2. This workout totally and completely kicked my butt....and sent my heart racing. It's 10 step intervals with lots of plyometric drills. It was fun, effective, and passed by super fast. See a clip and description of the workout HERE.

After that, Makenzie & I had lunch and put on some music to dance around the living room. That girl loves to shake her booty. She quite likes the Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Boom" (not sure if that's the right name). During her afternoon nap, I did a bit more reading, chatted online with a good friend, and did my daily devotional Bible reading. You would think the day would die down there, huh?

NOPE! Once hubs got home, I was off to the gym. That's right. My workout plan was to do legs and some cardio today. I am a determined lady right now and had to get my leg session in dagnabit. Can I just say how happy I am that I did? WOW! I killed, I mean killed, my legs. I got my squat weight back up. I was shaking at the end. And all with a much shorter and effective workout. After that, it was home to gobble up some dinner (steamed chicken spring rolls, sugar snap peas) and type this up while chilling on the couch. Another rewarding day, thanks to my resolve. Here's to day 3!

Training = Legs
*warm up first*
1) BB Squat - 95# x15, 115# x10, 125# x8 x2sets, 135# (!!!!) x7, 135# x5
2) Bulgarian Split Squat - 20's x 12 x 2sets, 25's x 10, 30's x 8
3A) Walking Lunge w/ Pulses @ Bottom - 20's x 10/leg x 3sets
3B) Leg Extension - 85# x 10 x 3sets

Cardio = Cathe IMAX 2 DVD

Diet = Healthy, balanced, and delicious
Water = 4 Liters + a cup of decaf peppermint tea I'm about to enjoy

Time with God = Prayer time and Bible time. I can definitely tell a difference in my approach to situations, happiness, life in general with more focused time spent with God. I would like to extend this part of my challenge to others as well. Even just 15 minutes of time spent with God is amazing and refreshing. And if that's not in your beliefs, then meditation or something similar could work for you :) Do you take time for daily prayer or meditation? Does it make a difference for YOU?


  1. LOL about your adorable daughter! thats hilarious
    way to be determined about your workout..girl!
    i HAVE to have prayer time- i have a quiet time every morning to start off my day..gets me going on the right foot..i need Jesus to fill me up everyday or else im empty!

  2. cathe is awesome! when I watch her youtube videos I can't believe some of the stuff she does and she does it all 110%! good for you for getting that old vid going again!

    did I hear baby #2?!?! thats so exciting tina!!! ahhh I can't wait to hear more!

  3. Thats awesome Tina. What a great way to show people that there is no place for excuses. Good for you and I hope baby M feels better soon. Oh and great job on the squat too...I squatted 2nite also for the 2nd time in 9 months and was able to get my squat up to 75lbs. Hey, I will take it.

  4. Hey Tina, following along! I read all the way back. I just wanted to say I think with the whole comp thing, you needed a break a break to live life and away from exercise, eating strict, ect. So I don't see that as "lazy" or that you were losing yourself, rather your brain was just trying to compensate for the struggle and rest it up! I know how you feel though, but I am glad your trying to keep it in perspective and working on balance!

  5. Ktbwood, what's your name (if you give it out on the internet)? Definitely a great way to focus on the right things by starting your day off that way!

    Naomi, Yep :) I hope to be preggo again a year from now. There's talk of starting to try again mid/late summer of 2010.

    Amber, You gotta start somewhere and that is good for where you are post partum. Woo!

    Morgan, Oh! I knew it would come across that way. LOL I do not for one second feel bad about the time I took off after prep. I do know, however, that it would be easy to continue down that road and I don't want to lose all I have worked hard for which is where the determination is from. I've put on what I needed to to get at a good weight for me, but don't want to go much past it, which could easily happen if I didn't get back to my better habits. ;)

  6. GOOD JOB!!! You rock.

    I was going to ask about the no-explode when you offered the scoop on the flavor. Hmmm...think I will save my money then. I love something called Fast Twich in Red. It is super good. Calorie free. It reminds me of the flavored ice you get at a fair or something. I dont understand how it is calorie free/sugar free but tastes so dang good!

    I also have several Cathe workout but I suck at them! I have Lo-Max, Kick Max, Imax 3 (I think) and Drill Max. I find her hard to follow. I do pretty intense step at the gym so its hard to follow someone looking at the tv...they are facing me and I am used to them facing the same direction I am. I do LOVE Drill Max and I am glad that you mentioned Cathe because I am going to start doing that video. It KILLS me!

    Good job on the leg workout! You move around some heavy weight.

  7. Great Blog Doll!!

    I agree, I have so many "excuses" sneak up on me and stop me from working out...

    I hope your little one feels better soon!

    I look forward to reading more!


  8. Krissa - Yea. The lemon is blech. I can't just toss stuff so I'm working my way through it. I mix it with strawberry powerade zero which helps some. And OH! I love Drill Max. I actually STARTED working out with Cathe videos way back in the day, so I think that helps me follow her better. She does do lots of intricate footwork in step videos.

    Kris, Thanks for popping in! I checked you out as well. Love finding new blogs. :)

  9. Great job getting your workouts in!

  10. No worries, I don't think you would have lost your success, not nearly in such a short amount of time. I hear what your saying though. That fear of going backwards is hard. What were you able to settle at weight wise? Oh and I think I just read you are planning to have another baby in 2010 that is fabulous.

  11. Hey Tina! you are such a great mommy inspiration :). Hopefully someday I can have that drive, balance, and motivation you have to get those workouts in.

  12. Hey Tina!!!! Way to go and get that workout in no matter what time of day! I love your healthy drive and focus.

    Awesome on getting your squat number back up! I'm sure you'll be able to add more weight as time goes on! You are a strong gal!

    Sorry about the no explode flavor. they all seem to be on the tart side. I have a red kind of superpump right now that tastes like a sour sweet tart - if that makes any sense. LOL

    I hope little M starts to feel better. I get all snotty like that from my allergies...I have to take my meds all year round.

    Any how, I'm glad to see you are well.