Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Well, today has once again been incredibly busy. I trained shoulders and did some abs quickly at the gym this morning, which was a very good session. Then, it was home to play with Makenzie before her nap. During her nap, I got some food prep done and finally finished the laundry from this weekend. In the afternoon, it was off to the grocery store for our weekly shopping and also Dick's Sporting Goods to get some different shorts for my sportswear outfit for the competition. The federation has a pretty strict no butt showing rule for the sportswear round and mine were border-line. After watching the show this weekend and seeing what other girls wore, I decided to be safe and get some different shorts. Hey - works for me because my butt is my weak point and a bit extra coverage there is a good thing in my book. Haha! 

After Peter got home, it was off to the gym again for a cycle class with my beloved instructor. I was sure to get there early this time to reserve my bike! Yowza was it a killer class. She called it her "Wipeout" class. Every 3rd song she played the "Wipeout" song (you know - the duhduhduhduhduhduhduhduhduhduh...WIPEOUUUTTTT" one") and during that song you had to go as fast as possible with moderate resistance the entire 2 minutes. Then the other 2 songs between each wipeout were different drills of breakaways, hill sprints, heavy resistance, jumps, etc. The goal is for us all to look like we went through a wipe-out dripping in sweat and to physically be wiped out when we leave. Yeah - she succeeded! Felt gooood!  

Now I will top off another successful day with some chicken and roasted veggies for dinner and watching last night's episode of Desperate Housewives with the most supportive man ever, while enjoying my tbsp of peanut butter for dessert! It's the little things in life. G'night everyone!!!

Meals: 100% ON ON ON (low day) 
Training: Shoulders
db overhead press - 5x6-8
db side raise - 4x8-10
bb upright row - 5x10
bb front raise w/ rear delt pull - 4x8
machine rear delt - 4x10
cable side raise - 3x8
Cardio: 60 min Spin Class
Extra Stuff: Abs & a bit of routine practice
Bench Crunch - 3x20
Planks 3x60sec
Bicycles - 3x25/side

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  1. hey girl! sounds like a great spin class! wish i was there to take it with you.

    your butt is awesome... booty shorts or more coverage booty shorts ;)