Saturday, October 31, 2009


Scream of excitement!!!!!!!! One week from right now I will be probably on stage or close to being on stage for finals. Pre-judging will be done. The hard part will be over. Oh I am sooooo excited! This past week I have been feeling MUCH stronger and at peace with everything. I am only feeling joy as the day approaches. The nervous tummy twisting jitters have yet to hit...we'll see how long they stay away as I'm sure they will come out at some point. I have this overwhelming feeling inside that I can't even describe. It's so hard to grasp that it's almost here. A goal I have always dreamed of but never thought quite possible. I'm doing it and I'm *thisclose* to being able to say I DID it. And all not even 13 months after having a baby. I'm so psyched! And I even made it through Halloween (since I'm pooped and will be lame and heading to bead shortly) without a single thought or hesitation of having a piece of candy. Go me! Go me! Thank you Lord for the strength, willpower, energy, peace , contentment, etc the past week and I pray you continue to provide it to me in the remaining SIX days. Can you believe it? SIX! neurotic bubbly self is signing off now. 



  1. Tina, I'm SO happy for you!!! The fact that you didn't even THINK to splurge and steal a piece of Halloween candy is insane. ;) I'm 3.5 months postpartum, and I caved. For sure. As for the competition, you look absolutely stunning and you should totally be proud of what you've accomplished! I'm so glad I've found O2, as it's been keeping me motivated to hit my goals...and hit them HARD. I absolutely love that your faith in God is so's refreshing! I wish you the BEST at the SNBF Show!!!! Good luck!!!

  2. I am loving M's holloween cosume. soo cute!! :)