Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

My Hooker Stage Make-Up Trial Run - I love the colors I found....but know that I will probably have to layer them on even more so will keep on practicing. Ha! I'm off now. Won't be back around until sometime Sunday or Monday due to being out of town.


  1. It doesn't even look like you!

  2. LOL At first I'm thinking... did she just tan her face?! The colors will look great with the tan + suit!!

    Have a fun weekend!!

    AND love that you are rockin' the GWF :)

  3. OMGosh when I did my test run of makeup, I did it AT THE MALL. So my face was a huge orange blob on my extremely pale skin.

  4. Tina! Hey :)

    I wrote this on O2 but I wanted to ask if you have false eyelashes you are going to use? Also, you should pencil in your brows so they don't vanish under the lights.

    I think you look great, and those colours really compliment you


  5. wow, beautiful woman :) Good luck at the show!

  6. Liz - I will be using false lashes and getting my eyebrows waxed before the show...but great call on lining them to darken them up. Im such a makeup klutz! Thanks!