Monday, October 12, 2009


I would just like to start off by saying thank you to those of you who left comments, sent emails, and gave me your support. It really helps a lot to know that others understand and can recognize that I am working hard, but not letting it control me. So, thank you. 

Now an update of today....

Woke up, trained shoulders & abs, did some laundry and dishes/cleaning throughout the day, watched Makenzie chase our dog around all day long, food prepped veggies/ground turkey/chicken, went to the gym for afternoon cycle, and now am watching some DVR'd Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. Overall, a successful day.

Training: Shoulders
Cardio: 60 min Spin Class
Extra: Abs, Routine Practice
Diet: On (low day)
meal 1 = coffee/whey shake
meal 2 = oats/raisins/All the Whey pp, egg beaters, strawberries
meal 3 = ground turkey/salsa/Josephs Lavash wrap, salad (spinach, romaine, tomato, cucumber, onion, lite Caesar dressing)
meal 4 = All the Whey pp/almond mik, apple/pb
meal 5 = chicken, broccoli

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