Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can I Get A Moment Please???

Happy Wednesday morning! Sheesh this week is flying by. I can't believe that I leave for the beach tomorrow afternoon - for what shall probably be a very interesting vacation. At least I have good friends who support my goals and won't let me stray off track...even if it does mean going against everything I've ever felt about vacations and not being anal on them. I KNOW it will be worth it though and I am sure there will be good memories made along the way.

Anyways - yesterday was ridiculously busy as always and today will be even more so. Yesterday was spending time with M and trying to get some things done to get ready for the trip. Then back & bi training with a tough cardio session at the gym late afternoon. After that = home to get dinner ready, lil sis came over to watch TBL together, and bed. Exhausted!

Today I will be going to spin this morning early and then, after I get home and get my big breakfast in me (YAY pumpkin protein pancakes and high day!!) and Makenzie naps, my sister and I will be heading out to pick out some makeup for the show. I ended up going with MAC Studio Tech for the foundation but am just going to go to CVS and get some stuff for eyes/lips/etc bec they have the 100% money back guarantee so I can mess around with lots of different things, return what doesn't work out, and not pay a super TON for every bit of my stage makeup. I hope to get to play around with my hooker look today too with my sister. Also for today is probably getting some laundry out of the way so it isnt piled up after we get home and then of course the gym tonight to train legs. I will top off the night like normal with my dinner (mmmm....sweet potato!) and watching 2 episodes of So You Think You Can Dance.

Well, that's all I got for you all now. Hope you all are well. Bye for now!

Training: Back & Bis (already sore!)

pullups - 7,6,5,5,4
bb row SS bb bi curl - 5x6-8 / 4x8
narrow lat pulldown SS concentration curl - 5x6-8 / 4x10
hammerstrength wide low row - 5x6-8
wide grip (w/ handles) lat pulldown - 5x10
seated incline hammer db curl - 4x10

Cardio: 60 min total
20 min elliptical intervals - 30sec ~5.0rpm / 60sec ~11.0rpm @ level 10
20 min treadmill incline jog - 5.8mph @ 4.0 incline
20 min stepmill - aerobic mode level 10-12

Extra Stuff: does practicing hair count? LOL

Meals: 100% ON baby!

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  1. great workout as usual!!

    yayhoo makeup...can't wait to see it!!