Sunday, October 4, 2009

Missing: Blogger

Things have been insanely too busy for me recently! I have been trying to get some show things in order, doing all the training/cardio/etc that goes with show prep, among other life plans. For example - here is how this weekend went.

Friday = laundry/dishes/cleaning house/being with Makenzie all day, training & cardio in the afternoon, spend some time with hubby at night after finishing things around home.

Saturday = training & cycle in the morning, more house stuff, out for errands such as ordering Makenzie's 1st Bday cake, checking out show makeup, park for family time, getting my suit pinned and cut to fit perfectly, drive 1 hr to watch another SNBF show to see what mine will be like, home at 1 am after picking the baby girl up from grandma's.

Sunday = teach Sunday school, church service, discuss plans with our friends for our vacation this upcoming week, gym for training. And still the rest of the afternoon I have to tutor a neighborhood kid and go bowling with one of my friends and meet her new boyfriend. Before coming home to food prep for the week and get dinner going.

This week will be cramming all of my weights in Mon-Thur since I will be out of town and won't be able to weight train on Fri or Sat, when I will focus on cardio with runs/walks on the beach. That of course also means this week will be getting everything in order for the trip - mostly things at home since my mom is coming to stay here to watch Makenzie for us while we are gone. So, yea, I am a busy woman these days. And do not foresee it calming down anytime all. Good thing I thrive on GO GO GO!

To close this post and show my apology for my lack of posting these few days I will give a shot of me in my suit. It's not the best by any means because it was late afternoon of a high day so I was a bit bloated and soft looking. Lovely. Blah! At least it will give you an idea and sometime in the next couple of weeks I know I will have to get proper updated progress pictures. Ciao for now!


  1. Bloaty schmoaty! You look fantastic and full of beautiful muscle-y goodness! The suit looks great, I love the color, your shoulders look amazing, you have uber lean legs, and you're an awesome wife, mommy, Christian, etc. Will you marry me? ;)

    Honestly, though, no apologies needed. You have officially joined Marcia in the ranks of SUPERWOMAN!

  2. Umm yea..can I plese look like you all bloaty and soft *rolling eyes* you look awesome Tina!!!
    Busy momma indeed!!

  3. Well its more about the fact that Im softer looking than I was earlier in the day. I know I don't look too bad ;) You 2 sure make a girl smile though!

  4. Yeah look at how horrible you look *insert sarcasm here* LOL! You look awesome!! And I LOVE the suit! :)

  5. you look amazing! great job juggling so many different things!