Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trucking Along

I received an email from the show directors last night with information on things we are expected to do prior to show - such as scheduling our polygraph testing (its a natural show with all competitors tested), taking a picture of myself in my sportswear to send in (they have strict dresscode on this outfit), having music on CD, etc etc. It was surreal to receive that email and know that this will all be here in only a few more short weeks. I am so excited for it! I am doing what I have set out to do. It is amazing to realize that a goal I have had for years will be achieved soon. Until that day comes, though, I will just keep on trucking along and doing my absolute best. I still have some things to figure out with how I want to approach peak week. I do not plan to do sodium/water manipulation that week as I don't think it's necessary after seeing some of my wonderful friends and mentors compete without it and do extraordinarily well. The main thing I will be having to tweak is my macros and deciding what will fill me out the best. I am not too stressed about it though because this prep is all a learning process. The next one will be about growing and developing a better prep with what I get out of this round. And at this moment - I think I do foresee myself doing another competition in spring of next year before hanging up the hooker shoes to work on baby #2. As you can see,  I have had a lot of thoughts going through my mind. I am embracing them, not stressing myself, enjoying the process of the final stretch, and working hard with a smile on my face. Now time to get a move on this day - my sister should be here shortly. We will be watching last night's The Biggest Loser since she missed it (I've already watched and MAN!!! I could throttle Tracy!) and we will also be relaxing, talking, and the like. I will update more later of my training/cardio/etc. Have wonderful days! 

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